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Maytag Neptune Dryer

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It Don't Need A Cane Yet- Still Goin' Strong


One of my pet peeves for years was clothes dryers.  Either they would run too hot, or too cold, or they would take FOREVER to dry clothes. Back around 1999, my washer bit the dust and we decided to try to see if we could get a front loader to replace it. We found an amazing deal on a Maytag Neptune washer and were thrilled that it worked well. To match our washer, we bought a gas dryer (we always had electric before that) and we got the matching Neptune Dryer.  It was the best move we ever made.   **WHAT IS THE NEPTUNE GAS DRYER LIKE?** The MAYTAG NEPTUNE DRYER is a very large drum dryer.  It is meant to take large capacity loads from the NEPTUNE WASHER which is about 1 1/2 times the size of a normal top loader load of laundry. The MAYTAG NEPTUNE DRYER has an internal sensor in it which stops the dryer when the clothes are just about perfectly dry.  This means that I don't have to have my clothes fried or left sopping when it is done.  This is a separate setting on the dryer- it can be manually overridden. I LOVE our Neptune dryer. On delicate temp setting it still dries clothes in about 1/2 hour (on sensor setting called More Dry/ Less Dry).  The capacity is huge. It has a rack to put inside of the drum that allows you to put sweaters and sneakers on so they stay flat, yet are able dry. The rack comes out for regular drying loads. In the winter, the drying time does not change. It still takes only about 1/2 hour to dry and that is even when there are outside temps of near zero! (our basement is often a bit cool in the winter). In addition to being a dream dryer in normal usage time, I have even been stupid enough to put in faux fur on the air setting (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME) and it did not melt! I have tried that in other dryers and it melted even on air! **** **WHAT KIND OF FEATURES DOES THE NEPTUNE GAS DRYER HAVE?** This dryer has a collection of great features, but I prefer the plain and simple - Dry More / Dry Less feature. It has an automatic sensor that will tell when the clothes are done and shut the dryer off, so I do not have to keep running to it and resetting it. The Neptune Gas Dryer works best when there are more than a few items in it. One or two smaller items will not be enough for the sensor to work properly. It is designed to determine the humidity of the drum and from that it will decide if the clothes are dry enough or not. The exception to this is when you are using the rack that I told you about for sweaters or shoes. Then it you need to use a different setting, and it works well too. There is a permanent press setting and a timed setting on this dryer. You use the timed setting when you want to dry either a few items ( I use it with the rack) or when you want to make sure that larger items (ie. sheets) are dried completely. Once in a while, the very center stays slightly damp when set to the sensor mode (more dry / less dry mode). I see little difference in the Permanent Press mode. I never use it. I like the lint screen in this dryer. It is slightly larger than a piece of notebook paper and it fits down into a slot at the front of the drum just inside the door. It cleans off easily and with a quick swipe of your fingers. Most of the lint is trapped there, however, now and then some manages to fall down the hole. A quick swipe with the vacuum will get it out, however.  It is important that you maintain the dryer with twice a year vaccuuming down in the area where the lint trap is housed.  We use a Shop Vac for that.  When your clothes are done there is an optional buzzer. It is loud, but not enough for me to hear in our basement. It only buzzes once and does not repeat. That makes it hard to hear if you miss it at the strategic moment. **** **FINAL COMMENTS** All in all we have been extremely happy with our MAYTAG MEPTUNE GAS DRYER.  It has served us very well for 10 years.  Our clothes are always done well and I never have to worry about them being too hot like I used to.  And although it is getting up there in age, it is still going strong! 

Podunk, NY


Maytag Neptune Dryer

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