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Front Load Washers
Maytag Maxx Front Load Washer

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Best value for your money!


I work at a very busy vet clinic. We have sick patients and animals that stay or "board" for extended periods of time. As you would think, we always have a lot and I mean A LOT of blankets, surgical laundry, ect. We have two of these exact same washers in our clinic and they run non-stop from 7am to 8pm. We have never had to replace them and we have only had to have them "fixed" about 5 or 6 times - however, these problems were usually a result of the nature of the job, user-error and not watching what we put into the washer (for example, items in the pockets of overalls that block the washer from draining and mounds and mounds of pet hair!). I would, without a doubt or any bit of hesitation, buy one of these washers after my current one dies!




Major repair after 7 months, not impressed with this one


I purchased this model in Dec 2011 and by July 2012 ( 7months) the bearing went. If not still under warranty this would have been a very expensive repair. The repair man told me they fix alot of bearings in these machines. Glad I bought the 5 year warranty with it! It works sufficently, but my previous (less expensive) GE model spinned the clothes better. It takes 50 min for a regular load and 120 for a heavy load. Heavy loads don't spin the dry the best. All in all I'm not sure I'd recommend this model to anyone.


Cato, NY


Great for heavy loads


The Maytag Maxx Front Load Washer MHWE900V is a new addition at my workplace, where we daily do laundry for about twenty people.  We wash several loads a day, and much of it is extremely dirty clothes, that also usually need sanitizing.  I have often filled it wondering if I am *over*filling it, and so far it is handling the dirt and the heaviness of the loads very well.  It doesn't bounce around, shake or make noise when the clothes are not evenly distributed inside, like the older kinds of clothes washers do.  Clothes are tossed around plenty enough to get the filthiest things clean-you can see the water getting to the clothes in all its tiny creases and pockets.  If something is left in a pocket, it shows itself fast, because it is not merely agitated, it is turned in many topsy turvy ways.  Tissues and napkins are more likely to dissolve away than make a mess inside and all over the clothes.  This kind of thing really matters when you do this much laundry, and don't have time to be checking the pockets.


Fairfield, VA


Fantastic front load machine


Measure the space you are going to put the washer in. It is a little deeper than you think it would be because the window curves out and is not flat. Energy Efficiency Can't believe how little soap and water it uses and still gets even my dirtiest clothes clean. Cleaning Time You can set spin speed and how dirty your clothes are. Your choice will affect how long it takes for the load to wash. There is a short speed too and this is about 40 minutes Performance Everything comes out VERY clean. It really takes out grass stains and grease. Ease of Use Push a few buttons and put products where clearly indicated (soap, softener, bleach) and sit back and let the machine do the work. Design Wish the window was flat not curved Durability Have only had 9 months but having owned a Maytag for 24 before with no problems, I expect this one to be very durable


Sandy, OR


The best washing machine I've ever had. I love Maytag!


This is a very good washer because it is easy to use. My parents always had a top load washing machine when I was a kid, but my friend recommended this washer to me. I love the color because it blends in with my dryer. It's also a very quiet washer. I can load a whole bunch of clothes in the machine and not worrry about it. The washer also uses minimal amounts of water and my clothes still come out clean. It washes ketchup off white shirts, mud off jeans, and more! I recommend Maytag brand washers overall; I finally had to give up my 5 year old top loader when I wanted to consider a larger, more environmental friendly one, and so I bought this. I love it. You can't beat the quality of this maytag (the MHWE900V)!


San Jose, CA


maytag maxx front load washer so far so good


I have only had this washer for about one week now but I am very pleased with its performance so far. I was not going to buy another front-loader because I had had so many problems with our last one. It would get off balance so easy and shake our whole house during the spin cycle. It would always stink up my laundry room and the darn thing would not drain. When the pump went out on it last week, we were forced to purchase another machine. I was very skeptical about another front loader but was assured that the machines have been improved dramatically. This model has commercial parts in it and the warranty is such that if there were a problem they would fix it or have to replace it. I was anxious to hear and feel the spin cycle on this model but it was as quiet as could be expected. The clothes are coming out clean, and the only damp which means less drying time. I am hoping that this model can keep up with our large family of ten children because I live in the laundry room.


Wellsville, UT


maytag is my brand


So growing up in a family where things were hand washed, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would own something so amazing as a maytag brand washer. I used to sit around all day watching tv and these commercials would come on with that goofy looking cute old guy telling us about how wonderful maytag machines were and all the benefits it had to offer. Boy were they right. Not only is the machine quiet and provides a great wash, most all of my friends all agree that the maytag brand itself is just the most reliable. I've had many washers in the past break down or just simply stop working for lack of terrible design and manufacturing. The maytag brand offers what everyone wants when dealing with dirty laundry. Something CLEAN and efficient that will save money on their water bill and still provide a vital function that every family needs which is fresh clothes! Definately worth taking a look at, and don't forget there's a maytag repair man near you!


Mooresville, NC


The Washer is the Best!


We have two washers and dryers in our home because we do laundry for our rental cabins, as well as for ourselves.  The Maytag Maxx Front loader is an amazing washer to own.  Not only is it easier to load and unload, it does an amazing job.  There are so many customizable setting to perfect each load to the needs of your wash.  I don't know how we ever got along without this washer.  We do about 20 loads of laundry a week if not more and this machine has never let us down. It also uses less water and laundry soap than most brands I've had in the past.  Saving money and time is always a top notch goal when you have a business in your home.  We will always have a Maytag in our home.  The front loader is very convenient and easy on your back.  We also have every type of fabric from delicate sheets to heavy towels and rugs that we use this washer for.  It works awesome on everything and we are so happy we bought it!


Sugarcreek, OH


Super quiet, super clean, super good. Maytag Maxx Washer


So we got our Maytag washer a few weeks ago, I can already tell my clothes are cleaner, they just come out with a different feel. I'm sure someone on here knows what I'm talking about. Also it has many different settings for different things, and situations. Whether you have a stain, large loads, or just a quick wash this washer machine by Maytag has you covered. My wife and I love the dependability of the maytag line of products. That is all we have had for years and we swear by them. One of the things I love and I had to get used to. Was how quiet the actual washer machine is while the clothes are being washed. I was used to a normal loudness of wet clothes sloshing around, tumbling, and turning. Now I have to make sure I actually turned it on. Sometimes I find myself walking away and thinking wait did I remember to turn it on. I think for the price and how much we use our washer this washer machine was perfect. Let Maytag take care of your clothes.  


Greenville, NC


Maytag Washer


I love my Maytag Fron load Washer. Such a big help. I can wash so much together. It holds sleeping bags, blankets and more. I have even washed pillows in there all together and they come out great. We have had them for a year and no problems at all. I use it almost daily. A little pricey but if you can afford them they are great. I have seen great deals on them during holidays. Before I had them I had a very cheap washer and dryer and was doing load after load after load. Now I can do one or two loads and have everything done very fast. I got the red one and love it. I was a little worry it would be to bright but it is not. Matches everything perfect. They are a little bigger then the ones I had before so they take up a little more room. But well worth the room and the money. If I had to buy another washer this is the same one I would choose again. I would recommend it to anyone that has more than two people in their family. Great washer!


Manti, UT


Maytag Maxx Front Load Washer

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