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Front Load Washers
Maytag MAH20PD Front Load Washer

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Be careful with the Maytag MAH20PD Front Load Washer


This Maytag front load washer has been trouble from the day we bought it. The first problem seemed small in that mold formed around the seal in the front. When I called the appliance dealer where we bought the machine he told me to use bleach every time I use the machine! Well you can't use bleach on colors so I had to scrub the mold every few months. Performance This washer cleans well enough but the defects in construction would prevent me from ever buying a Maytag again. Design The terrible design is where my second problem started. Twice the shut off valve in the back wouldn't turn off and water continued to flow into the washer. Being a front loader, the latch couldn't take any more pressure and the latch came open flooding water all over my wood floors. We thought we had the problem fixed then it happened again. I will never buy Maytag or a front loader again. At least with a top loader the water would just stream out instead of flooding out in a waterfall like the front loader.


Red Lion, PA


good product,performs ok


Reliable working machine.has lasted a few years,it has intuitive design and engineering,does not make a very loud noise,but does react in a noisy way with a heavy loads,it somehows slows and someimes shuts the door in a way that cannot be opened.It does leaves the clothes pretty clean ,takes out the water very effectively,leaving the clothes with little need for heavy drying(many times can be air dried without using the washing machine.It does very complete cleaning of different types of clothing materials even at microscopic level.Works well with very little detergent and/or bleach>Leaves clothing completely clean and seems very effective in conserving water,detergent and electricity.It has a sturdy motor that spins rather fast,but it is not terribly harsh with the clothing.Overall recommend the product.


Miami, FL


Maytag MAH20PD Front Load Washer

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