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Maytag Jetclean Built-in Dishwasher

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For a Maytag, I have been disappointed


Friends purchased this make/model dishwasher and were Very pleased with it.  They said that they could fill it with pots and pans caked with food and the dishwasher would clean everything spotlessly.  My experience has Not been the same.  We have to pre-wash our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher or it either cakes the food onto the plate more or moves it to another location.  I don't feel like I am overfilling the dishwasher -- water should be able to reach All item, but unless the dishes are clean when they go in the dishwasher, they do not come out clean.  I'm busy and wanted to just be able to load the dishwasher, run it, and unload it without having to pre-wash items to remove all food before putting them in the dishwasher and inspecting every item when it comes out to see if food is still on them.  Also, for a Quiet model, it seems very noisy to me.  When I think of Quiet models, I think that they should hardly be heard if at all.  No, the dishwasher is not as noisy as some, but I would not label it as Quiet, either.  I want a dishwasher that actually washes the dishes clean, not just a sanitizer. 

Chattanooga, TN


Gets the job done


We've had this dishwasher for several years now and it's been running without interruption ever since we got it. In comparison with many dishwashers, it is fairly quiet, although we usually will put it on 2-4 hour delayed start if we want to watch a movie or have a conversation in a nearby room, just because it does count as background noise. Sometimes when the guys in the family load the dishwasher after dinner, they won't pack it very neatly so not everything will get cleaned very well. But I guess that's not really the dishwasher's fault. In all seriousness, though, this dishwasher isn't extremely heavy-duty, so don't over-load it, because your dishes won't get clean. For the most part, this is a dishwasher that I would recommend.

Portland, OR


Maytag Jetclean Built-in Dishwasher

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