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Maytag Gas Top Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MGT3800T

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Maytag Gas Top Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MGT3800T just ok


 Maytag Gas Top Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MGT3800T just ok.  I bought this new washer, and wahses the clothes, but the water level is pretty low and it does spin really fast.  Water stops filling too early and the clothes do not get cleaned in the right way.   I  Contacted  customer service and they would'nt replace the washer. The dryer there's something wrong with it because it just went on and on, and my energy bill goes such much higher when I use this drying. It is expensive and I don't want to throw this away. The powder detergent does not get dissove with this washer, but I guess that has to to do with the detergent. The dryer when it does work it it dries the lighter stuff pretty well, but the heavier stuff I would have to put it on the dryer myself. I don't know if it is normal for a dryer to run for over 2 hours and the clothes are still a little bit wet, and I did not put heavy clothes in it.  


Milpitas, CA


perfect for the best washer dryer experience


With the Maytag name you trust you get the ultimate space save to make your laundry times a little easier. The Maytag Topload stacked Washer /Dryer combo comes with trusted name of Maytag and the ease of a stacked laundry system. Sometimes this spacer is perfect when the space deems necessary.  and having them one on top of the other makes it easy transporting too!! and service, well youve seen the commercials so expect to be using this for many years with no calls necessary.


Largo, FL


Maytag stackable- Small but Mighty


The Maytag stacking Washer/dryer combo works like a big system! I love that it takes up a small amount of space, that was my first draw, but the fact that it washes so well and the dryer doesn't take foreever is AWESOME! After having big systems for years while raising a family I'd become convinced that the only way to truly get clean clothes was with the "mighty" sized machines. I am very pleased to know that is not always the case, especially now that it is just me. I would recommend the Maytag stacking washer/dryer to anyone..Thank you for the excellent quality


Gresham, OR


The stacked Maytag is a must for apartment dwellers!


The stacked Maytag is just right for apartment dwellers and people with limited space to work with! The efficiency is next to perfect with the usual durability of a Maytag washer. I love the spin cycle. So many washers of full size don't do that part very well, and the stacked Maytag shines proud with this aspect of the market in mind. I think that it's size is relative to it's brand name. None are more reliable. The commercial about the lonely repairman are acurate. I wish that more companys would improve their products to please the consumer, and leave the marketing to the people that are trained to do that very thing! There is a reason that they go to schol to learn that trade. The people at Maytag learned that lesson a long time ago. Make a dependable product with the right processes and you'll do well. I think a lot of companys want their customers to have blind faith in the products just based on the name. I guess that's what has occured with's a great product with a compareabale price.I love the space-saving capablities with this unit. My mom has one in her tiny one-bedroom apartment. They have it set up in her closet with access to her kitchen. It's ideal for her to fold her clothes right out of the dryer. Less work makes for a happy momma! Mom's got some health issues and it's just the right fit for someone who handles her own stuff. She can make small loads for her fine washables, and larger loads for her darks and whites.It's an ideal match for her since she is washing for one. She still goes to the laundramat to wash her bedding. That's not such a big job when you have a mighty little washer at home to handle the everyday kind of wash.


Belleville, IL


my friend wants one now.


I think the best washer dryer combination is the Maytag MGT 3800t  . Our grandkids get their clothes very dirty and very often i spent time with them i noticed  this machine is very compact with the dryer and washer attached to o each other makes it very convenient to do the wash dry it and also stack the clothing on the washer. i noticed it fits very well in the corner of her trailer which would be hard as small as it is a regular size washer and dryer would not fit in her small bedroom.She says she can do alot of loads even though it looks small it is very spaciuos inside the machiene itsself.i kno it saves her running to and from the laundry mat i am concidering telling all my friends about it as the one i told thinks it might be a handy thing as she lives alone and has limited space it really is a time and space savber thank you


Davis, IL


so convinent


I live in a small 2nd floor apartment there is not much living space, we often step on each other this wash/dryer is samll enough to stick in the corner of the kitchn but it does a bg job in cleaning up the heaping piles of laundry.  The wash cycle is long enough to clean out the deepest dirties stains and the dryer runs a short cycle that drys the clothes bt does not heat up my entire apt


Spencer, MA


Maytag Gas Top Load Stacked Washer/Dryer MGT3800T

4.5 6