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French Door Refrigerators
Maytag French Door Refrigerator

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Maytag has totally impressed me with this refrigerator.


40 years ago, I had a used refrigerator that had a bottom freezer.  I thought it was the best thing ever invented at that time.  As my lifestyle has changed, my opinion on that refrigerator never did.  I always thought if they made them again, I would defintiely have one.  Why?  This is a style that is appropriate for the young marrieds simply by eliminating the need for a seperate freezer, the growing family, as there is plenty of room in the refrigerator section as well as the freezer unit.  My Maytag refrigerator has french doors and it is so convienent when you have tons of groceries to put away.  The grandkids love it because they can open both doors and with one glance can find what they are wanting to drink or snack on.  I am really impressed with the deli drawer features of the roll out drawer and the fact that is is as wide as the refrigerator and as deep, holds lots of deli items, the temp control fruit and vegetable bins are very nice and our produce lasts so much longer.  The seperate meat tray is a real bonus, I alwyas had issue of thawing meat leaking and dripping everywhere.  And the choice of more wide bins for milks and large items is a bonus.  There is a wine bottle holder, butter dish, egg holder and a few other amenities that are very nice.  We have a large extended family and it is so nice to have enough room in one refrigerator to put all my food and the carry in food as well.  The bottom freezer opens easily, rolls out smoothly, both top and bottom drawers slide out for easy viewing.  Makes organization a breeze.  Overall, I hope this refrigerator lasts me forever or the option to replace it if we need too.

Warrensburg, MO


Maytag French Door Refrigerator

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