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French Door Refrigerators
Maytag French Door Refrigerator

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Nice Fridge


I liked this fridge a lot. It was simple without a lot of extras but still looked great and functioned well. It did make some loud popping noises every now and then and honestly we have no idea what that was from but overall we liked the fridge. Noise Level It was fairly quiet. We had an ice maker in the freezer and when the basket was empty it made a loud noise when it was dumping and then this random loud popping noise which we never figured out what it was from. The main running of the fridge though was pretty quiet. Interior Organization I liked the large deli drawer, the moveable shelf by a crank was a great idea as well. I liked having milk in the door for easy access. The only thing that would be a complaint would be come harvest time the veggie drawer was a bit on the full side. Temperature Control The temperature seemed to hold although we never tested it as we never saw the need to do so. Ease of Cleaning The shelves are removable and were spill proof which made cleaning pretty easy. When we moved I cleaned everything out and getting behind the drawer in the freezer was interesting. We ended up taking the drawer out and cleaning that way. Durability We had it for 6 years before we moved and never had it serviced. Design I liked the simplicity of the design and the icemaker inside the freezer. I also liked the butter/egg box on the door, it was easy to use and open which is not the same for the Kenmore I have now.



The Maytag French Door fridge has room for everything!


We just got this fridge right before Christmas and it was the perfect addition to our kitchen. With all of the baking and entertaining we do for the holidays, this fridge had tons more room than our old side-by-side. I was able to get absolutely everything I needed to chill to fit in the fridge at one time. The temperature is easy to control, the drawers are spacious and keep my fruits and veggies fresh, and I love the compartments on the door, especially the drink chiller. The drawer freezer is also spacious; the double drawers give me extra space and help me to see everything that's inside without having to dig. I wasn't sure if this kind of fridge was for me, but with the last month or so I have had to use it, I am absolutely sold. And with a baby on the way, I know the extra storage room is going to come in handy! Without a moment's hesitation, I can honestly recommend this refrigerator!

Chesapeake, VA


This is a great appliance!


I have had this fridge for a few years now and we love it.  I love the spacious fridge with the french doors .  It has pull out shelves which is awesome too.  There are two drawers to keep fruits/veggies in and they work well also.  The pull out drawer can be a nuissance sometimes if you get in a hurry and forget to pull straight out and instead pop off the lid.  That would be about the only feature I would change is that lid.  I haven't had a problem with the doors not shutting, at least none that you could blame on the product.  If you don't use enough force to close the door of course it is not going to shut completely but what other fridge wouldn't have that problem.  It has been fairly easy to clean also.  The freezer is nice and spacious down below and it keeps things very nice and frozen.  I would definitely recommend this style of fridge and when mine fizzes out I will most likely get another one with this kind of style.

Novinger, MO


big and stores alot


I have had my Maytag refrigerator for 2 years and absolutely love it.  It has 2 temperature controls which is nice.  I have 2 drawers in my freezer so I can buy in bulk and can easily store it without running out of room.  The spacious drawers for the fruit and vegtables is also a nice quality.  THe adjustable and large shelves are wonderful and durable.  Easy to clean when messy.

Ashtabula, OH


This fridge is riddled with construction and functional problems


Maytag MFD2562VEW 24.8 Cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator With Electronic Triple-Cool System. This refrigerator features the electronic Triple Cool system, twin doors, the Glide-out freezer door with Smooth Close track system, Easy-glide shelves, Sabbath mode, Spill-Catcher shelves, the Wide-N-Fresh deli drawer, the freezer basket divider, and the factory-installed ice maker.**The problems with this refrigerator started right away.**  There is a glide out  drawer and if you just try to lift the lid, it will snap off. You have to pull it out without trying to lift the lid.  That wouldn't be made clear till we read the manual.  Every night at dinner, we notice that one of the doors is slightly open, which doesn't speak well for its energy efficiency if you have to double check that the doors are closed.  I like the bottom freezer, and it's pretty easy to keep clean, but with all the construction problems it has, I can't recommend it.  At least it tends to keep things cold, though it has already broken once and we had to get a new compressor.  Come to think of it, this refridgerator stinks!

Kennewick, WA


Maytag French Door Refrigerator

3.8 5