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French Door Refrigerators
Maytag French Door Refrigerator

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Love my Maytag!


We have owned many Matag appliances and have had great luck with all of them. When we were deciding on a new refrigerator we wanted the french doors and bottom freezer. We were drawn to Maytag because of the look and great price. Maytag usually has some kind of deal going on where you get rebates for the purchase of their appliances and combo deals when you buy more than one. The fridge looks great in the space. The down side is the use of door space. There is not alot of compartmentalized areas for all thouse jars of pickles and condiments. So they tend to be kept in the very back of the fridge. I think that this was one of the beginning models and I am sure they have worked out the kinks with new designs for better fridge organization. We have alot of parties and the large open double doors have come in handy for large veggie trays and big cakes. I still love the fridge spite the set up and I would definately by again!

Lewisville, TX


Love our new fridge!


My mom and I just recenty bought this refridgerator in black. My mom desperately wanted a black, bottom mount freezer, french door refridgerator. Unfortunatey, we had such a small area to put the fridge our selections were highly limited. Maytag really came through for us. They had a variety of fridges in all shapes, styles, and sizes. This refridgerator is beautiful and keeps our food so fresh. There are a wide variety of compartments and drawers to put all of our groceries in. The food stays so cold as well, there are different temperature settings you can apply which works wonderfully. My mom likes the deli drawer that pulls out at chest level. I like the sleek look and the french doors. It's nice to have all regularly used food at eye level. We chose to not have the water and ice dispenser which gave us a lot of extra room. I would recommend this fridge to all those in search for a new appliance!

Baltimore, MD


Maytag French Door Refrigerator

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