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Maytag Freestanding Gas Range

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Great gas stove for the home cook!


The stove is very dependable. The burner grates are very heavy duty and don't slip while cooking. The oven temp is well balanced and cooks wonderfully! Temperature Control The oven temp is wonderful. The only complaint that I have is in regards to the burner descriptions on the burner dials do not match the flames. I believe that the "medium" written on the dial is indeed closer to a high. However, you can look at the flame and ensure that you have the amount of heat desired. Heat Distribution Great distribution! I love this stove! Durability I've had the stove for 3 years and have never had an issue with it working exactly as I want it to work. Design I do not like the buttons on the top of the stove. I would much rather have a dial. The buttons have a very poor response. Ease of Cleaning The self clean is great on the oven. My only complaint is that the back of the stove has yellow stains like burns when you use self clean and the stove is white.


Bellevue, NE


Maytag Stove


We have always been partial to the Maytag brand so when we remodeled that is what we bought. We also are partial to gas ranges as they are easier to control the temperatures. This Maytag has been great so far. We did have to replace a burner but the warranty covered it.


Panama City, FL


Maytag at its Best!


I've always preferred gas to electric because gas stoves heats up pretty quickly and cools down after use. Our Maytag Gas Range is perfect for our family and our needs. The burners are easy to clean, the inside of the oven is also easy to clean as well. The size of the oven is big enough for large pots and pans which ia a big factor to me because I love cooking and having family and friends in the house. It's so easy to turn the burners and adjust heat. I also love the timer because I multitask a lot. I only put something in the oven and leave it and do something else, the timer sound is loud enough to hear in any part of the house. Maytag has very good product line. We actually have several kind of appliances from Maytag. They're just very dependable and reliable.


North Las Vegas, NV


This maytag gas range has all the performance without the price!


I love to cook so a great Range is important to me. I love the heavy weight to the burner protecters. They don't slip and move when you are moving around your cookware on them. The oven temperature has always been reliable and works great. The stove looks great as well. The only reason I gave it four instead of five stars is because the buttons that you push to set the oven temperature or to set the timer are really annoying. You really have to push very hard and directly in the center or they don't work at all. I have to use my knuckles to push it now every time. This tends to hurt quite a bit. Also for some reason the front left burner takes a while to light for some reason most of the time. But over all, a great range for your money!


Rochester, NY


Maytag gas range MGR5775 has a great oven


What I like the most about this range is the way the oven preheats so fast and holds an even temperature. The only thing I don't like about it is that the burners flames are so high that I have to use a flame tamer to simmer anything. The man who installed it tried to set two of them lower, but couldn't. Other than that though, I love it. It's very easy to clean up even when we spill spaghetti sauce or sticky food on it. The controls are easy to use and I like the way it clicks when it's lighting. Also, the knobs are easy to remove for cleaning and easy to replace also. The burners are big enough for even my largest pots and pans and are solid. The whole range is built very solidly and everything including the oven door is holding up well to daily use. Our last range, which was not a Maytag, started falling apart after two years of use. This one doesn't even have a chip on it or a scratch after almost four years. The oven is very roomy too and the self-cleaning cycle works well. I just have to wipe out the ash afterward and it's clean.


Bangor, ME


A great Maytag range


We purchased this gas range to replace our 1980's drop-in style gas range that was in when we moved in. We purchased this Maytag range in white with the 5th burner option. Overall, we have had no problems with it. The closed burner system is very easy to clean. You simply remove the ceramic plates over the burners, wash them and then wash the stove surface. There are no nooks or crannies for anything to get in. We have used Comet for cleaning even the messiest surface and this thing always gets clean!  Although we thought it would be neat to have a 5th burner, we've honestly never used it in the year we've had this range. If I were to do it over again, I probably would opt for buying the 4 burner range and not spend the extra money for the 5th. Even if we needed to use it, there is not enough room to fit that many pans typically. If you are looking for a dependable, well-made range from a reputable company, I would highly recommend this version, although I would go for the 4 burner option.


Milwaukee, WI


MY Maytag Gas Kitchen Range sounds of saftey


I love the sound of safety when you turn the gas stove on it click's letting you know it is trying to ignite. Unlike my previous stove my dog had turned on the stove several times and we did not know until we would wake up. The sound of my new Maytag Gas Kitchen Range scares my dogs they won't even go near the stove. I must admit this was a bonus feature we were not aware  of until WE got it home.


Peoria, AZ


Perfect for us


We purchased the Stainless Steel Gas 30" Freestanding Maytag Range 5775 about a month ago. We did not find it anywhere on display, hence ended up buying from seeing pictures, with detailed specifications on the web. This range is exactly what we had in mind. It heats up fast, both the cooktop as well as the oven. It heats evenly and it is easy to clean. We originally wanted the GE with the griddle in the center, however this was a much better deal and we'll buy a griddle separately. Easy to install.  We would recommend this range.


Aurora, IL


Maytag Freestanding Gas Range

4.5 8