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Maytag Freestanding Gas Double Oven Range

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Love the double ovens and the overall baking & stove top cooking


We use the top oven often for daily cooking. It is nice at the holidays to have two ovens to cook different foods at different temps. The only thing bad about the oven is the lower oven is very low and hard to get heavy items out especially when they are hot.



Satisfied and Loving This Appliance


We recently changed our stove top due to the age of our older one. I couldn't be happier, I felt like I stepped into the modern times. Temperature Control The temperature control is on point. This appliance does not take long to preheat at all. The gas stove works perfectly fine. Heat Distribution We decided to use the stove for the first night and we made a pizza. I was so ecstatic and so was my niece not just for the pizza but how well the pizza cooked. She says it just right out of the pizza oven like at the pizzeria. Durability I heavily rely on my stove and oven to prep our family meals as the economy has placed a damper on everyone's pocket. Therefore, the durability is satisfactory as we constantly use our stove for everything from simple dishes to delish meals. Design The design was the least of my concern as I was more concerned on how easy it was to clean and use. Ease of Cleaning To clean the stove and oven is very easy. There is room to manuever in the stove to get those corners that you usually have to hang upside down to get into those tight areas.



Very dissapointed in this stove, would not recommend.


Very disappointed in this stove. After taking the time to research and spending more money than planned, this stove lacks in several areas. The top oven does not maintain a consistent heat which was the number one factor for me in buying this stove. I wanted a small top oven I could use, but this oven drops as much as 20 degrees before reheating to set temperature. If you tap the burner knob when passing by it will let gas release with the ignitor sounding, so if you don't notice that you bumped the knob gas will continue to leak into the room. Temperature Control Top oven does not maintain temperature. Durability he labeling on the stove by the knobs has disappeared after a couple of weeks of wiping down with only a sponge and soapy dishwater. Design If something spills over from a pot on the top of the stove and goes down the front of the stove it goes INTO the window in the lower oven door. Recently I had a pan of water on the stove and it boiled over. The water is now inside the window on the lower oven door. The top of that oven door is not sealed to prevent this. The control panel for the oven and time are very difficult to use. You have to practically put your finger through the panel to register contact. Ease of Cleaning Very difficult to clean around the burners with scratching



Maytag MGT8885XS


Had a TERRIBLE experience with Maytag and this particular product. When we originally had this product installed, the upper oven burned everything on the right side - half the pizza, half the tray of cookies, etc. We tried to schedule service using Maytag's online scheduling, and the service company failed to show 3 different times. Each time we had to reschedule for a week or so out. FInally called the retailer (HH Gregg) to complain, and the were great. They asked that we give the service company one more shot. If they didn's show up, they would send out another oven. Of course the service company did not show up, and HH Gregg promptly sent out a new oven. Now the new oven has a burner that does not light. I would NOT recommend Maytag or this particular range.

Fredericksburg, VA


Maytag Freestanding Gas Double Oven Range

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