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Maytag Freestanding Electric Range

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Fancy but I prefer gas stoves


If you're already in the market for a glass stove top, this is a very good one. There are different sizes for the heating surfaces, it heats up fast, and it has indicators to warn you that the surface is (still) hot. You can't just wipe it down like you would a traditional cook top, though, which I find to be a hassle, and it's easy to spill something and not realize until you smell it burning because the surrounding glass also heats up to an extent (unlike a traditional stove, where the heat is more localized). The dials also confuse me at times and I wish that Maytag would have staggered them slightly to make it more intuitive. (They do have illustrations to the side of each one so you know which burner it goes to; however, I think staggered knobs would be more efficient.) Temperature Control Heats up fast but can be difficult to keep it at lower heats. Heat Distribution Goes beyond burner. Durability Has worked fine so far. Design Would prefer the knobs to be staggered. Ease of Cleaning You have to be careful what you use to clean it with and you can't just wipe it down.



We have had this range for 7 years now but really dont like it.


Enter your comments (required)We bought this range 7 years ago along with a Maytag microwave, dishwasher and fridge. The only one that has not had a problem is the dishwasher, even though there was a recall on a part for that that has caused fires. The range takes forever to preheat the oven. It doesnt seem to seal very good at the top and allows the heat to escape and has browned up the top of the door enough that it is visible from the outside Temperature Control . There is somehow spill marks on the glass door that cannot be cleaned because somehow they are in between the two panes of glass. The bottom drawer always come of one side of the track and is sitting crooked most of the time. So much heat escapes from the oven that the countertop laminate is coming off the edge from the heat releasing the glue. We had the glass top replaced while it was under warranty, but I hate this range, just trying to get our money worth before we buy a GE.



Convection Bake cuts time with a Maytag Electric Range


My Maytag electric range is one of the best buys I've bought. From the top down it is a wonderfully easy machine. The glass tops makes it easy to clean and look so sleek. I do use a dull razor to get off any caked on food but other then that I just use some cleaner and a damp rag. The oven is also a very easy clean. When you set it to self-clean it only takes a few hrs and then you can go in there and wipe it down and be done. It's great when you have foods spill over or that turkey grease from Thanksgiving that can be hard to get out. The oven part is great itself. The racks can be moved around and one is also convertible to a half rack so if you have tall food that needs to go in there is a place for it. The convection oven is a must have. It cuts baking time in half at least. You don't have to preheat the oven when using the convection bake and most of the time you take off a few minutes for the cooking time. On the bottom I have a warming drawer instead of the standard storage drawer. This warming drawer is wonderful. You can change the settings to keep any kind of food warm, even bread where it won't get dried out or too soggy. This is a great feature during the holidays. All in all My Maytag Range is a wonderful appliance to have around in the kitchen.

Deltona, FL


This Maytag Electric Range is a great buy.


I've owned the Maytag MER5752BAW Electric Range for almost 2 years. It we were able to purchase it at a great price, and it has worked well for us. I wanted a glass top oven for easy clean up. Clean up is much easier than other types of stove tops, but it is not without it's challenges. Spills can bake on, and take special treatment to remove. Small scratches occur even with the best of care. I would have liked to have one small burner in the front, however the layout has both large burners in the front and the two small burners in the back. However, this is just a personal preference. The oven heats quickly and performs well. I like the fact that there is a tone that notifies me when the oven has reached the pre-set temperature. Food seems to cook evenly. The self cleaning feature works well. The digital console controls the oven temperature, and timed cooking feature, as well as the broiler, clock, and timer. The timer on the oven chimes only once, so if you don't hear it, you may not remember to check your oven. This is a basic Maytag range, yet has all the features that I need. The price was great and it has served us well.

Grand Island, NE


Nice Glass top


We bought this when our old one stopped working. We switched from gas and so glad we did. The glass top looks so nice when its clean. We clean it every day and it does take a little elbow greese and the glass top cleaner but it always comes clean. My biggest problem with this is our bottom drawer. It won't stay on the wheels things. One side is always fallling off. Its an easy fix but it just keeps happening. We also have stuff that got between the glass windows in the door, I have no idea how and I have no idea how to clean it out. The oven is bigger than our last with more space. Takes a little while to get up to temp but its a more accurate temp compaired to our gas stove. The self cleaning oven works great. After its done and cooled off we have a little broom we use to sweep up the small mess. The timer is really loud but only goes off for a short time. The glass top has 3 different burner sizes and 1 burner has an option to melt which works good to melt chocolate on without burning it

Sears, MI


Maytag Freestanding Electric Range

3.8 5