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Front Load Washers
Maytag Epic Front Load Washer

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Very Bad Performance !!!


It was one of the most bad nightmare we are dealing with. A realtive in our family got a credit to buy a maytag load washer. From the day they have bought it they were most ambarrased to buy it. The washer make so much noise that the neighbours always complain about how annoying that noise is. It always bounces here and there. It you keep it on a floor it will bounce it and if you put it on a carpet than the carpet smells like anything because of some leakage. It bounces so much that we always have to bring it back to its original position after using it once. It does not cleans cloths as it has to be. Sometimes the clothes need to re-washed. Most people have never heard about it so we can't even sell it back on a good price. My relative always thinks why did he took such bad decision to buy this washer. He might have gone for another option.

King Of Prussia, PA


The Maytag Epic Washer is the best washer I've ever used


**The Maytag Epic Front Load Washer MHWZ400T is definitely a keeper! Ha ha! This was the first (and may be the last!) washer that my husband and I ever bought. I researched what kind of washer I wanted for months before making the purchase. I new I wanted something engergy effiencient, so a front loader was the way to go. Its amazing how little water this washer uses. It has a load size sensor, so it always uses the exact right amount of water for the load. The spin cycle also does an amazing job and wringing the clothes out, which means they dry very fast in the dryer (another engergy saving pro). I've used front load washers in the past that wrung the clothes so tightly that they would come out all wrinkled and balled up. This washer does not do that. I'm a busy mom of two babies and I use cloth diapers. This washer has been so good to clean my diapers and yet be gentle with them. It takes HE soap wish is very easy to find these days, and has every setting (water temp, soil amount, etc) that you could ever need. The only that would make it better were if the door was interchangeable so you could switch up which side is swings open. **

Florence, AL


I Love It !


Purchasing my maytag front load washer and dryer set is one of the best things i have ever done! It offers so many features and clean clothes on first try. You can also wash more cloths at once because of the tub capacity. I would definatly recommend this product.

Greeneville, TN


You could call it a bouncing rabbit


The Maytag washing machine does a good job at washing clothes.  the probelm with it is that it bounces across the floor. It sometimes tries to bounce out through the laundry room door.  It sits on a drawer that adds to the bouncing.  We placed a cinder block in the drawer to see if that helped but it didn't .  The washer still bounced.   

Versailles, OH


Maytag Epic Front Load Washer

3.0 4