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Top Load Washers
Maytag Centennial Top Load Washer

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Disappointed. Returned the machine


I was willing to try an he, and tried to like it for two weeks. I will give credit for being able to handle a queen comforter, however for every day laundry, I was very disappointed. Several times I had to rerun the load. Soaking I'd pretty much out of the question and it took longer to run a cycle . I returned the machine for an old fashioned agitator and couldn't be happier. I bought a whirlpool , same company . Cleaning Time Slow Performance Often required 2 cycles and no kids at home !



Maytag Need I Say More


Wow, Maytag sure has so many different models of washing machines. The Centennial Top Load is a sturdy machine. When searching for a washer I wanted reasonably priced, easy to use and HE. This model is the one I selected. It took some time getting use to since I am an old fashioned gal and like the simple things in life. I have since adjusted to this washing machine and all in all it does the job. Energy Efficiency Uses less water so savings there however a load takes a bit longer to wash so I would think that it evens out cost wise. I have not noticed an increase in electric bill. Cleaning Time The HE units take a bit longer to wash a load of clothes. Performance Effective at getting clothes clean. Although when I wash a load of towels and blankets the weight of the wet clothes causes the machine to spin loudly. I make sure that I do not overload the machine. Ease of Use So easy to use. The panel is designed to select what you need when you need it. Design Love the simplicity of this washer. Durability The name Maytag is built durable. My washer is 2 years old and no problems as of yet.

Saint Anne, IL


Maytag top load washer


I have had this washing machine for awhile now and it gets used about every other day. It is very quiet and has been very good at cleaning. I even put very large loads in it with the only draw back is that sometimes the items seem to bunch up in the spin cycles causing the machine to walk. It get noisy at that time but it continues to finish the cycle even if you items aren't reshifted by hand. I have had very good results with it and would definitely purchase anohter Maytag.

Jacksonville, NC




The washer gets all my clothes clean - and it is efficient. I had to get use to not opening the lid after starting the washer, because that is what determines the water level. but it really made a difference in my water bill. I saw a difference. It can be a bit noisy at really short times, but it does not effect me as my washer is in a laundry room where I can shut the door. The main reason I purchased this particular washer was that it was a Maytag - and Maytags reputation. It is good and sturdy and has just the right amount of cycles that I need. It also has a short load cycle. An added feature, that I had not seen before was an extra rinse cycle is also included. This is a nice feature

Mullica Hill, NJ


Noisy but clean


Maytag Centennial looks great and cleans clothes well.  You can't beat the older agitator type models for clean although the agitator is a bit noisy.  Compared to the new steam washing machines, it doesn't leave the mildewy smell or need to have the the rubber seals checked often.  I had my first Maytag washer for 23 years with no problems and finally decided to purchase a new one.  Centennial was my choice because after looking at all the new front load models, it just made more sense to keep a top load washer with less stooping down to get clothes in or out.  It has deep washing drum which can handle even the extra large loads.

Aiea, HI


Maytag Centennial MVWC700V Washer


With 10(yes TEN) children, my husband & myself in our home, this washer has been a great buy, It works hard doing at least 4 to 6 loads a day, everyday. It agitates well, which helps to get dirt, even ground in dirt out of clothes. It works hard, easy to use, not difficult to figure out, and really not bad on the eyes either. I personally think Maytag makes the Best home appliances on the market.

Laurel, MD


Maytag Centennial Top Load Washer

4.2 6