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Maytag Centennial Electric Dryer

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Daily use at a good price!


We bought this dryer a few years ago and have always used it frequently. It works great, it dries fast, and has a few different settings to choose from including a wrinkle release which I love. It does tend to be a bit loud, luckily my laundry room is in the back of the house off of the kitchen and has door. While drying, I keep the door shut. Load Capacity This dryer has a giant drum! I love the fact that I can fit a huge load of towels in it and they dry in about 35-40 minutes. It is great. I can even dry my queen size comforter in it with another good size blanket and again it dries fast and efficient! Performance So far the performance has been awesome, we always used it frequently but since the arrival our little one 6 months ago, I definitely use it everyday! As I said, the one downfall is the noise it makes. Ease of Use It is very easy to use. Choose your setting, select a time and push the start button! Durability We haveonly had this dryer a couple years, however, it seems to be like new. I keep my fingers crossed that it is as durable as my old Maytag. Design the design on this machine is more basic than some of the new fancy dryers and for me that is fine. The machine itself does not take up a lot of space, however, the capacity is great! I rather would have something durable, efficient, and average priced rather than something big, colorful, and complicated! I love the fancy dryers and washers, however, they are not for me at this point!




Good value for the money


I bought this as part of a set to replace a Kenmore Elite set that I had nothing but trouble with. I purchased the Maytag set for slightly more that it was going to cost to repair my Elite washer. I am extremely happy with this dryer. It dries a lot quicker than my Elite did with less lint. I do at least one large load of clothes a day and I have not had a problem with this dryer yet. Durability I have had no problems with this dryer.


Mantua, OH


Love the Maytag Centennial Electric Dryer


My husband and I bought a used Dryer right after we got married. It got the job done, but took about 3 hours per load to actually dry. We were so excited to find the Maytag Centennial Dryer. Now that we have 2 children, it fits perfectly with what we were wanting. I have an infant and a toddler, who both go through many outfits a day, and having the large capacity dryer, and the quickness in getting my clothes dry, has been a lifesave. I love the option of having it make a buzzing noise when the load is dry (for when I am doing laundry during the day and don't want to forget to get them out and folded) or having the buzzing noise off (for when I have to do a late night load and don't want the alarm waking up the whole house). This is also a very quiet machine, which we love.


Orem, UT


The centennial dryer is a good value for the price


This is a good value for a dryer.  It has a large capacity and several cycles to choose from, including a low heat and high heat cycle.  I do wish there was a low heat timed dry setting.  Overall, however, it is a good dryer.  I would recommend it.


Newark, OH


Maytag Centennial Electric Dryer


**We bought this dryer last year when our old one died. We already had the washer and were impressed, so we figured we would get the matching set.. I took some time to read previous customer reviews about this washer. Overall folks seemed happy. The one downfall I do have about this dryer is the speed of drying. I have to wonder if it should be dryer clothes faster. It seems like it takes forever to get a small load of clothes dry. We are a high capacity family and timing is important. We have two kids 17 and 12 who are very active in sports. This in itself increases the number of loads we do. I do like the energy dry cycle and feel that it performs, better. Maybe we just got what we paid for. I cant complain about the overall performance, we wash a lot of clothes and it holding up just fine. There is also this nice LOUD buzzer that will constantly remind you that your clothes are done. **


Spanaway, WA


Very Reliable Dryer


My Maytag Dryer is great.  Very reliable.  I've had mine for over 10 years, and it works as good as it did when I first purchased it.  The quality of drying is very quick, and the clothes come out very fluffy and need little or no ironing.  The only thing that is annoying is the alarm that tells you the cycle is finished.  It is very load and can surprise you if you're not use to it.  This is very little against it for the quality of drying it completes.  Wouldn't trade it for anything else.


Saint Petersburg, FL


Gets the job done!


This dryer get's the job done, but there are some things that could be improved. I don't think the clothes dry as fast as they should, and the rubber seal around the door came off and I have to keep putting it back on.


Hoquiam, WA


Maytag Centennial Electric Dryer

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