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Maytag Bravos XL HE Front Load Electric Dryer


Maytag MEDB750YW 29" Front-Load Electric Dryer with 7.3 cu. ft. Capacity, 9 Drying Cycles, 5 Temperatures, Advanced Moisture Sensing and Reversible Side-Swing Door

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Dryer does a great job


I bought the Maytag Bravos XL washer and dryer set in 2013 when I bought my first home. I have had no problems with this dryer. It gets used a lot at my house. My favorite part is the number of settings that are available. The delicate setting is what is used most often for clothes - I love that I can choose different time allotments for the items being dried. I also love that there is the option of a steam dry if necessary. I have only used this a time or two, but I love that it is there.


Jonesboro, AR


Decent Enough


We've had this dryer for over a year. It's a decent dryer but for what you pay i'm not sure it was fully worth it. It is difficult to clean the space below the lint filter and a lot of lint seems to go past the filter. On larger loads the timer for drying based on the type of load vs a timed load at a specific temp it often takes much longer than the timer initially says. For some bulkier loads, sweatshirts, it seems to go on forever. Often doubling the time. For bulky blankets you must rotate the load or there will be damp areas when you take it out. It works very well for lighter, delicate items. We've used the steam option infrequently...not sure it was worth paying the extra money to get. We haven't required an official service call, but we did encounter a problem after a very damp load was put in the machine. It basically shut itself off until it "dried out". It is nice to have the option between time drying or item type drying. However, changing any of the settings for item type can be difficult as it isn't as easy as pressing the button like you think it would be, basically its pre-programmed. While it is a good dryer and we hope it is reliable as our last maytag that lasted 18 yrs, time will tell. Bottomline, i'd go with a few less bells and whistles but i'd still be likely to get a Maytag.


Dayton, Ohio


Compliments my Maytag Bravos Washer


My Maytag Bravos Dryer drys my clothes so much faster than my 21 year old dryer! Probably in half the time and it saves so much on my electric bill. My clothes come out wrinkle free. It has a sensor so it knows when my clothes are done. No more under drying, no more over drying. If I leave my clothes in the dryer I just run the quick cycle to take the wrinkles (from sitting) out. It's a quick fix. I also like the choice of settings. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. Load Capacity Holds a large amount of clothes or towels. Performance For towels I use heavy duty and they are dry every time. Ease of Use I just press a few buttons . Durability when I open the front door it feels sturdy Design Nice sleek design


Cheshire, CT


Maytag Bravos XL HE Front Load Electric Dryer

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