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Top Load Washers
Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer

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Hate it.


I HATE the Maytag Bravos we bought a couple of years ago. I thought not having an agitator would help curb unbalanced loads. Well, this machine is worse. If you put anything big and heavy in it, you can expect to spend a lot of time rearranging the clothes which will turn into a big mushroom top and causes the load to be unbalanced. Once you FINALLY get the load done, unless you specifically set it to a low spin cycle, it will wind items so tight that they will look like an accordion and it will be very hard to get the wrinkles out in the dryer. I wish I had my Kenmore back!!!!!




Fabulous HE Washer!


I researched HE washers before finally deciding to buy this Maytag Bravos HE washing machine.  I decided to go with a top loader washing machine rather than a front loader washing machine because I previously had an HE front loader and it had major issues with mold.  For some reason front loaders tend to have issues with mold so I would never recommend a front loader washing machine to anyone.  Getting a top loader takes care of that issue.  I also went with the cover that is clear so you can see how everything is moving around when it is washing.  Then you can make sure it is sudsing enough and see when it is off balance.  This washer is very quiet and does a great job of cleaning my clothes.  It does not have a center agitator which is great because you can actually fit bulky items like comforters in there and it cleans them very well.  It has lots of different settings to clean things like colors, whites, heavy duty, sheets, bulky, and clean washer with affresh.  Spend the money, you won't be sorry!


Virginia Beach, VA


Maytag is great


I love this washer! Easy to use, don't let the electronics scare you . It's a snap to learn and operate. Large capacity, you can wash a king size comforter. Very quiet,unlike my old washer. I don't miss my old washer, when it went into spin cycle the dishes in my kitchen rattled!! no more of that! If on the rare occasion the machine becomes imbalanced ,it automatically shuts off. energy efficient,uses less water. The clothes are clean and smell great. I use energy efficient Tide and it works very well No problems, no repair bills,it works well and we have had no issues . Great choice of cycles,bulky,sheets, regular etc. I love this washer.I like the window into the washer, you can see the wash at all times. buy it


Plainville, MA


I love our top loader!


We have owned our top loader for approximately one year.  This washing machine is awesome!  I love that it has the ability to pause it to add an item.  Can't do that with a front loader.  Definitely don't over do it with the soap.  I made that mistake and it took several clear water washings to get rid of the extra suds.  I have read some complaints of HE machines developing an odor.  I have not found this to be the case, but I do leave the lid to the washing machine open in between uses.  I do use the tablets for cleaning it as recommended.  Wish they were a little cheaper to purchase.  I've also had a difficult time locating them in my usual grocery store. 


Columbiaville, MI


Love this washing machine!


I just purchased this machine in August. I love the large loads, I can fit in. Especially, since there is no adjagitator. You do have to be careful with heavy loads such as jeans, as it can go off balance. Also, it was an adjustment as it doesn't have small, medium, and large load settings like my past machines. I love the way it looks and that is uses less water. I'm very happy with how clean my clothes are. Oh, it did take a while to arrive as it is very popular. I love that it is top loading and I don't have to bend over to load or keep the door open like similar front loading machines.


Pittsburgh, PA


Maytag MVWB800V Washer doesn't just wash is completes my day!


 MVWB800V Washer is a sound replacment for any Energy efficiant family. I had a GE and I traded my GE on my new Maytag, It is a reliable quite and a quick machine. The cycle times are dependable and short. My clothes come out smelling fantastic! The only thing I would change about my washer is the cleaning cycle.


Hedgesville, WV


The Maytag MVWB800V Washer honors the name it carries.


Do you remember the Maytag Man? Whenever I hear the name Maytag I think of that old man that would sit and wait for someone to call and say that there was something broke down on the machine. He would always look so sad. I remember as a little girl I would ask my Grandma if we could visit him and bring him some cookies. She would always laugh. Well they now have a  new washer out and once again they have out done themselves with this new product. It is called Maytag MVWB800V Washer I went to look for a new washer and dryer. I was so surprised that after all these years of being so efficient they have still been able to come up with a washer that is just a little bit better then the last.  Now you might be wondering why Maytag?  Because it is the only brand that I know of that rarely needs to be repaired. Infact when everything else has gone out or had to be repaired that is the same age as the Maytag you will find that the Maytag product is still running and working just fine. I grew up in a household that used nothing but Maytag for their washer and dryers. I have had nothing but Maytag since I was in my first home back in my twenties. I have only ever had two Maytag washers and dryers. The only reason why I am looking for one now is that I am giving my old ones to my daughter who is moving out to be on her own and I want a new the new ones.  


Mesa, AZ


Since i know it is running Whirpool parts it is a good machine


This Maytag washer runs with Whirpool/Kenmore parts I know it is a good machine it is very quiet effieceint in clothes washing and I read too many reviews of leaky, noisy front-loaders and couldn't take the risk. Even the salespeople did not know that manufacturers do not recommend front-loaders for 2nd floor laundry rooms. This top-loader has no center agitator which gives it great capacity. I have washed a queen down-comforter, with the only problem being an unbalanced load which can be fixed mid-cycle. The great thing about this washer is that you can change spin speed, water temp and soil level on most pre-programmed settings. Clothes always come out clean and I've never experienced the twisted, mangled clothes that I have read in other reviews. Also allows you to add garments after cycle has started (many other machines like this do not have that feature). all though the machine does tend to have its problems like load balances which rarely occours from a video i watch on the machine I would reccomend it :D


Montgomery Village, MD




Do not like this washer at all. Feel like it doesn't wash as good as others on the market, poor quality.  Need to do more research so that I can go and get a new washer.  May look into the front loaders but not enough room in area to store.


Sterling, MA


Maytag Washer is the best.


I had a maytag washer and that thing was so good. it worked for about 10 years. I only got rid of it by donating it to a thrift store when i bought my new house. My house came with new washers and dryers.


Fairburn, GA


Maytag Bravos Top Load Washer

4.4 28