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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Maytag Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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It looks nice, but the quality is very questionable.


We replaced all of our appliances with Maytags after we bought our new home. We were thinking we were making a wise, upgraded choice. Boy were we wrong. We put our older Frigadaire refrigerator in the garage and I am so glad we did. We needed it. Not long after buying this Maytag bottom freezer the computer board went out and we lost a lot of food. Then shortly after that the ice maker went out. The parts were covered under warranty, but we had to pay for the labor. The other Maytag appliances we bought have been falling apart. We are now having to look at replacing all of them. We are doing that one at a time. We just had to replace our Maytag washer & dryer as they started falling apart after 5 years. Same with the Maytag dish washer. :( So far the Maytag refrigerator is working, but the freezer sounds like someone is sending out a morse code. :( Our replacements will not be Maytag or Whirlpool. We want quality for our money. Noise Level Makes quite a bit of noise. Interior Organization I am happy with the food storage space. Temperature Control Seems to work fine. Durability I never owned a refrigerator that required so much repair before. Design I like the way it looks.



Maytag is in tune with what homemakers are looking for.


Keep in mind that shelving across the refrigerator adds better storage as opposed to a side-by-side design which has split shelving.  Having a freezer on the bottom is practical since it is the refrigerator which is used more frequently.  The top french doors mean that you are saving energy by not having a full-size door open.  The new refrigerators have more depth because of design with no coils to dust off periodically.  This is an energy saving development, as well.  Look for the "Energy Star" symbols.

Binghamton, NY


piece of crap....matag best......not!!!


after 3 years my matag Bottom Freezer - MBF2254H is sitting empty and unplugged!!!  I have yet to call a repairman. After reading the reviews I would bet the repairs will be expensive.  I am very much let down by the Maytag quality.  Wished I would have read consumer reports beforehand.   I had also purchased a dryer and washer...Maytag brand...dryer burned up three months ago. What brand?  Maytag.   riki    

Piedmont, WV


maytag bottom freezer fridge


i got this refridgerator in a white/ off white color for my house. i have 2 refridgerators at my house and each one s filled completely! i like this refridgerator because its different that the traditional freezer top and refridgerator on the bottom. i was looking and really liked the double door refridgerator but that didnt seem to contain as much. i found this and liked it instantly. i dont use the freezer as much as i use the refridgerator and this saves me from bending down to grab a cold bottle of water or a piece of fruit. i only bend down when getting something from the freezer which is not often. the temperature dial works well and keeps my food cold without turning it all the way up. its a fairley good refridgerator and the price is decent and affordable.

Miami, FL


eh its okay


we recently got rid of our really old refrigerator, we wanted something more modern looking and liked the bottom freezer.. bad idea! The refrigerator part is great, lots of rooma and shelves come out nice and easy for cleaning. Although the selves on the door are kind of awkward where they dont fit some ketchup bottles and we have to find alternate places for them, but other then that its okay. The freezer part is terrible! It is way to small for all the things we put in it, we even had to store our stuff in a spare refrigertor we have in the basement. Our ice machine has never worked from day one & makes crazy noises all the time that we can hear at night. it is always getting stuck and is just a major pain! Never again will we buy a bottom freezer!

Newburgh, NY


Why does it make knocking noises at night??


My Maytag Refrigerator with the bottom freezer is a great refrigerator, never have any problems with it.  It however likes to make knocking sounds-especially at night when I'm up alone.  It sounds like someone is knocking at the door.  I found it was the freezer.  Don't know why it does this??

Federal Way, WA


Maytag MBF2254H Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is ok


Maytag MBF2254H Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is ok. I've had the refrigerator for quite a while. I do not know why that I kept hearing noise from this refrigerator every once in a while, It seems that it happened more often than the old one. The top does not seem to cool very well I think, I had it tested and called customer service but they said that that is the right normal temperature at that setting. I can not believe that is. The freezer gets very cold so that is not problem. It has plenty of Room, the shelves are pretty flexible, I like the large door bins, and even though it said it is energy star qualified but I do not see any difference in the energy bill. One time, for some reason, the refrigerator just stopped and the ice started to melt and the entire floor was wet. I clear up all the surrending area of the refrigerator and it seem to go back to normal. This refrigerator is ok, but I still think I should have purchased a different one.

Milpitas, CA


love it


I really like this refrigerator.  I am a foods teacher and I liked this refrigerator so much that I bought one for my classroom.  The idea of the freezer appeals to me because you access the top part much more so things are right at your reach.  I also like that my toddler son cannot just open the fridge and start pulling things out.

Toccoa, GA


It's an okay Refrigerator


This Maytag bottom freezer refrigerator is alright.  There is plenty of room in the refrigerator section.  The glass shelves make it easy to find things and there are plenty of shelves.  The bins in the door are huge!  I can fit a lot of things in there that I usually have to put on shelves and I think this helps my refrigerator stay better organized, which I like.  The temperature controls are easy to use and let me keep both the refrigerator and freezer at the temperatures that I need them to be at.  The thing I do not like is the freezer.  It is entirely too small.  I will never buy a refrigerator with a drawer freezer again.  When you pull it out, it takes up so much room in the kitchen.  It is also hard to find things. You have to take everything out to get to something that is in the bottom.  I also think that it freezes unevenly because of the drawer.  Overall, it is an okay refrigerator, but I hate the freezer.

Kerrville, TX


Maytag is crap


We purchased a maytag bottom freezer and dishwasher only 3 years ago within two weeks both died. Both are having to be trashed and we paid more for maytag because we hoped the quality would be better. Not so. Now the freezer and refridge will not cool. thankfully we have a freezer in the garage but from the beginning hd to have repair man come out ..the bottom freezer wont close right... the make it hard to clean coils (prob so it iwll go out in 3 yrs and they think your dumb enough to buy another maytag??) I had always heard they were crap now I can join the club. Maybe its because the maytag man represents the quality... who ever designed this machine inside and out was spending too much time sitting on their hiney and eating bon bons I guess.

Georgetown, TX


Maytag Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

3.5 15