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Maytag Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator MFI2568AES

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This is a great fridge.


I've had this refrigerator for almost 4 years and have had absolutely no problems. It looks great. I like having the freezer in the bottom and in drawers. It is a little hard to find items in the bottom of the bins, but then I have to move things around to find them in ANY freezer. It's very easy to clean - everything comes out and apart.There are two lights in the refrigerator portion so it's easy to see where everything is, I like the fact I can (moderately) adjust the temperature in the door compartment. The only problem I have had at all is that on occasion I don't push the french doors hard enough to tightly close the doors. But, at least there is an alarm to alert me. Otherwise, I can't find any fault at all with this refrigerator. I would definately recommend it. Noise Level I never hear it running... Interior Organization Ice and water dispenser takes up some room but I don't know how you get around that. Temperature Control Once you find the right setting - you won't need to adjust it again. Ease of Cleaning Glass shelves make it really easy.



Refrigerator is awesome.


Don't like how you have to dig in freezer to get to things. Interior Organization Love refrigerator. Ease of Cleaning Refrigerator is really easy to clean, but the freezer is difficult. Durability Have to have service repairs done twice. Design love the refrigerator design, enough room for a family of 6 groceries.

Spanaway, WA


Love this french door Maytag bottom refrigerator!


I love the convenience, design, ease of cleaning and reliability of this product. Noise Level Only normal noise from the water dispenser and ice maker. Otherwise, it is very quiet. I especially like that the doors have alarms that go off when one door is left open for a period of time. Very handy with children in the house. Interior Organization The bright interior and glass shelves make items easy to see and food is less likely to "get lost" in the back and forgotten. Temperature Control The digital temperature controls for the refrigerator and freezer are on the front of the door. That makes it very easy to adjust the temperatures. Ease of Cleaning Shelves are easy to move and drawers are easy to remove for total cleaning. Spills wipe up easily and the shelves come off the door also and are adjustable. Durability This product is very durable. I have the black finish, which is very easy to keep clean and fingerprint free. Design Love the design of this model. The freezer on the bottom is very easy to see what is inside. The french doors make it easy to move large items in and out of the refrigerator.

Cuba, IL


This machine has been one giant lemon.


We have had nothing but trouble with this refrigerator. We have had to replace the icemaker and the repair man is coming yet again to day as we have to turn up the temperature to what registers to 46 or else everything in the refrigerator freezes. We have spent over half of the price of the refrigerator in repair bill. I highly recommend you steer clear of this model.

Ipswich, SD




Great refrigerator. I have had this for 7 months and really like it. However, things that are put way in the back of the refrigerator tend to get a bit too cold, almost to the point of freezing. So, you need to be careful of what you put there. Temperature Control Be careful of what you put way to the back of the refrigerator.

Maricopa, AZ


Maytag did it right!


Great style and lots of room for everything. The only bad thing is that the ice make shoots ice all over. There does not seem to be away to keep it in the glass! Also no crushed ice Noise Level Ice maker is a little noisy

White Plains, NY


Ice maker never has worked


I have had nothing but problems out of this refrigerator. The ice maker is forever stopping and it has been worked on at least 5 times. Now they tell me if I have it worked on again I will have to pay the charge. Maytag has definitely dropped the ball on this one. I saved for two years to buy the exact refrigerator I wanted and it has been nothing less than a nightmare and Maytag refuses to fix the problem or give me a replacement refrigerator that works, therefore I am stuck with a dud that will never work. The handle has fallen off the refrigerator also and I don't have kids that swing on handles and make them loose. Overall, I would say run - do not walk - right past the Maytag's as their Customer Service is worthless. After so many tries if they don't get it right they are done with you. They sure were happy with my money to start with. I should be given a complete refund for a major purchase that has never worked and always been a headache.

Largo, FL


Absolutely love this fridge!


When we purchased our new home the kitchen was furnished other than a refrigerator. We planned to buy stainless steel GE Profile appliances to match the rest of the kitchen, but when we found a good deal on this Maytag, we decided to go for it. A year and a half later I still love it! The bottom freezer is great: I love the 4 separate baskets, which I use to separate fruit, veggies, frozen dinners and meat. The french doors are wonderful; it makes it so much easier to find things and there is lots of door space for milk and bottles. Occasionally the doors do not close properly: the left one also has to be shut first, so I am very thankful for the door alarm to alert me of this. My only complaint is that the ice maker only serves cubed ice and not crushed: I miss the crushed ice from my old fridge. But other than that, an excellent fridge for the money! Noise Level I hardly notice it's running unless the door alarm goes off :) Interior Organization Lots of space, and adjustable shelves are great! Ease of Cleaning Occasionally I have difficult re-installing the drawers/shelves after removing for cleaning.

Kansas City, MO


Maytag Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator MFI2568AES

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