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Top Load Washers
Maytag Atlantis Top Load Washer

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Great machine and well designed as well


Put about 9-10 years wear and that is with a family of 5. It is quiet and preforms well. We have a second home and got a used set of the same kind and had no issues with that one either. Highly recommended by us Energy Efficiency The only draw back is it is not a front loader so it uses more water....otherwise very good machine Performance Does a great job of cleaning even my dogs bedding materials Ease of Use Good rinse dispenser and it is easy to remove and clean. I prefer where the top has a load spot for all the stuff but this is ok. Design Have always liked the neptune and atlantis look and feel of the machines.




An Inexpensive Washer that Does The Job


I bought the Maytag Atlantis washer about 6 months ago.  I absoultely love it.  I am a busy mom with 2 teenage boys who only does laundry on the weekends.  I start Friday night and am done by Sunday morning.  This washer gives me plenty of room to wash jeans, towels, football uniforms, and everything else my husband and kids go through in a week's time.  I know with my old washer I had a problem with the bleach not completely rinsing from the machine and spotting clothes that followed in the next load.  I have not had a problem with that with my new washer.  I wash everything on cold and do not have a problem with stains coming out of clothes.  Sometimes I forget to pre-treat the stains but they do still come out.  I would highly recommend this washer.  The washer was inexpensive yet priceless in terms of helping me get my weekly wash done in a timely manner without much effort on my part.


Bordentown, NJ


the maytag atlantis washing machine gets our clothes cleaner!


we just bought our set a week ago and honestly it's made the chore of doing laundry so much easier. i can say that i don't really have to spray stainlifter on spots as often because this wahing machine does such a great job of actually getting the clothes clean. it's not a super quiet washer but its soft enough that i do forget it's on sometimes. it has all the different water temperatures and several different settings for the type of fabrics. when i first decided to buy a new set i really wanted a front loader because of the reviews i saw, but i am so happy i choose to buy this set. i really don't think i'd have been as happy with something else!


Grove, OK


Maytag Atlantis Top Load Washer

5.0 3