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Maytag 30" Freestanding Gas Range


Maytag 30" Freestanding White Gas Gas Range \ 5 Sealed Burners \ 5.8 cu. ft. Oven \ 17,000 BTU Speed Heat Burner \ Precious Cooking \ Hidden Bake Element \ Storage Drawer (SKU: MGR8674AW)

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Looks good, Cooks good


I really liked the look of this stove, the 5th burner is what drew me to it. The burners quickly boil water. The digital controls are easily understandable. There are 2 burner grates, each covering half of the range top, they are heavy. I've made a variety of food in the oven, from cookies to casseroles and everything heats evenly. The self cleaning is great and quick. No chemicals needed. The drawer on the bottom of the oven is spacious enough for several cookie sheets and 4 baking dishes. Overall this range looks good and cooks good. The only drawback is that the burner grates are quite heavy. Heat Distribution The burners don't always distribute evenly, the oven has been great, I've never burnt anything! Durability It's holding up nicely. Never had anything wrong with it. Design The reason I looked at this range was because I thought it looked nice with 5th burner, and the digital display is sleek. Ease of Cleaning The oven is self cleaning, love that feature, just wipe it down after it cleans itself. The stove top is easy to clean, after you move the heavy burner grates.




A gorgeous oven that makes this amateur cook feel like a chef!


When our almond, very early '80s stove finally bit the dust, I was super-excited to get to shop for something that would match the rest of our kitchen and make me enjoy cooking even more than I already do...which is a lot! This oven fits the bill. I love the front left larger burner, which makes boiling water a snap - VERY fast! Another feature I love is the delayed oven start. I can put a lasagna in before we leave for church, set the timer to start in an hour or two, and know that when we get home our dinner is fresh and hot coming out of the oven. The oven has a bit of an issue with even heating, but nothing major. It's pretty, efficient, and I really love using it. Heat Distribution It seems as though the bottom half of the oven is hotter than the top - I have to rotate items on shelves periodically for even doneness. Design This is a gorgeous, sleek oven. I love the way it looks in my all-stainless appliance kitchen. Ease of Cleaning I do wish that there was some miracle product to clean burnt-on spills from the range top. Thankfully it's black, which is very forgiving.


Rensselaer, IN


Maytag 30" Freestanding Gas Range

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