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Maytag 30" Freestanding Double-Oven Gas Range


Prepare multiple courses at once with this range that features a 21 cu ft upper oven capacity and a 39 cu ft lower oven capacity EvenAir convection technology provides even heat distribution for delicious results

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Some Like it Hot! =)


When we moved into our first home, buying all new appliances was fun! I finally got to have my double oven! I have loved the convenience of having a gas double oven and another single, electric oven. It makes holidays so much easier and helps us save money too! I also never have to worry about not eating during a power outage. The design and performance are great, I never have uneven baking. The seal is a little bad, but I'm sure that's not the case for everyone, I just get to much heat out the top. I love all the features and all the extra baking I can do with it! The only reason this isn't a "5" is because I cannot seperate the heat control from top to bottom, so I am actually using both ovens even when I don't need to. Kind of a waste. But I still love it!

Grand Prairie, TX


It's very efficient and easy to clean!


We have had this range for almost 3 years and love it! It is so easy to clean and with two boys and one on the way it gets used alot! And the double oven is fantastic for cookies and one pan meals like casseroles! Alot of people ask if it was worth the extra funds up front to have a double oven and I always say YES! It saves you money every time you don't have to use the larger oven for something small. The few times things have run over in the oven I have found it easy to clean, even after it may sit for a few days. We also love the 5 burners. It is so nice to be able to multitask on the stove top, and when you add in both ovens you can get some serious cooking done in no time! Temperature Control Keeps control well Heat Distribution good Durability Built to last! Design Looks so nice in the kitchen Ease of Cleaning wipes clean



Maytag 30" Freestanding Double-Oven Gas Range

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