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Maytag 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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Good for the price, after a while


I have been using this maytag air conditioner for a long time now. It has begun to squeak and squeal, loudly at times, silent at times. I find that if I bang on it, it silences the noise for a minute.. then it goes back to squealing. After a while it stops. Believe me, when it's silent, it's ultra silent. It's very relaxing to hear cool air come out in a quiet manner. Too bad my air conditioner unit does crazy sometimes. I do not know what triggers it but it is probably the old age. Aside from that,  it produces nice and cool air. Since the room I have it in is fairly big, it doesn't really fill up the whole space but it does its job fairly well in a medium sized room like a bedroom. I keep cool during the summer times with this durable machine while watching television in my living room. If the air conditioner becomes squeaky, I just turn up the tv volume. It is good for the price, since it is fairly cheap.

Woodside, NY


This air conditioner will work.


This air conditioner is one of the best I've ever seen.  It is a very reliable and effective unit.  It keeps you cool and comfortable.  It makes you feel at ease and not worry about sweating or feeling hot.  I would recommend it.   Buy this if you want to feel comfy.   

Mckinney, TX


Best cool for the buck


I bought one of these for my hobby room which is behind my garage and only about 145 square feet in size. This unit works very well and will keep it as cool as you like as long as the room is not huge. I live in the hot south and it does fine for me. The noise level does not appear any louder than other units like this and maybe even a little bit better. I also bought this with the idea that it could be used in the event that my central cooling unit ever goes out, would cool a living room just fine in an emergency cooling failure. I reccomend.

Remlap, AL


When it works it can really cool a room


***Bottom-Line:*** I would recommend the **Maytag M6Y18F7A** because of its ultra-quite operation, energy saving mode, 24-hour timer, and internal condensation system.  The **Maytag M6Y18F7A** is a large room, 18,000 BTU Window/Through-the-Wall air conditioner that is designed to do its work in virtual silence.  The unit features electronic controls, a convenient 24 hour on/off timer, a quick-access, washable air filter, an internal condensation recovery system (virtually no dripping) and expanding side panels to make fitting any size window a snap.  Our particular units (two) are off white/cream in color and come with a handy remote control that will manipulate either unit.  Controls on the remote include: *On/off, Fan Speed, Temp/Time, Timer, and Mode*. The remote takes two AAA sized batteries.  **My Viewpoint** **Initially, I was impressed by the quite efficiency of the ****Maytag M6Y18F7A**; each unit went about its business turning the rather commodious room into a comfortable working environment.  Two units was one too many in our roughly 60' x 20' space and we ended up tuning one unit off, and running on one, cycling the units off and on as needed.  But a few months after we moved into our new space, one of the air conditioning units started getting noticeably louder and louder over time, and far less efficient at cooling the air, so we shut it down and called in Facilities to look at the unit.  Replacing the filter, which was not that dirty to begin with, did not fix the problem, which was eventually blamed on a faulty compressor.  The unit was replaced with an identical one that has worked like a champ since it was installed. When operating in *Low* fan speed and in *Energy Saving Mode*, the **Maytag M6Y18F7A** lives up to the manufactures claims of ultra quite operation; indeed I can barely hear the unit even in a quite environment.  The only indication that it is on is the temperature readouts on he front panel control section.  Since we conduct a lot our business on the phone, the quite operation is much appreciated.       **     ** Would the **Maytag M6Y18F7A **Air Conditioner be a welcome addition to your space?  I think so; despite the bad unit, I would recommend the **Maytag M6Y18F7A** because of its ultra-quite operation, energy saving mode, 24-hour timer, and internal condensation system. 

Aurora, IL


Maytag 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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