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Maytag 1150 Watt 2.0 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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Foolproof, powerful and roomy.


We've had our microwave for awhile and it has been wonderful.  It is stong enough to cook quickly and thoroughly.  There is plenty of room and there are many choices for things such as popcorn, baked potatoes, defrosting and more.  It's been a great addition to our kitchen and makes meal preparation that much easier.  We love the over the range feature as that clears up counter space and it is at the right level for ease of use.  It has enough power to cook fairly quickly and my kids visiting find they have to cook their food much quicker than their microwaves at home.  The turntable turns well and it is easy to take out and clean.  There are lots of choices of cooking levels, but I appreciate that they've added buttons for the most used ones such as popcorn, baked potatoes and different defrost choices.  We use the light underneath the microwave to light our kitchen at night or for extra lighting while cooking.  It is a great microwave. Performance I've had people "wow" over how fast this microwave cooks food. When a frozen food gives a range of time to cook with, I can always use the least amount of time (sometimes even less). Settings/Features Easy to find and push just the right buttons to cook all types of foods. Ease of Cleaning The plate comes out so it is easy to wipe and clean everything out thoroughly. Ease of Use The buttons and choices are easy to understand and navigate so I can cook, thaw or warm all types of foods. Durability No problems - it just keeps cooking. Design It fits nicely over our stove and the design matches our kitchen.

San Bernardino, CA


The best decision I made while remodeling my kitchen!


After alot of research and shopping my husband and I decided that we wanted an over the range microwave that has the vent hood and light included.  We decided on the Maytag 1150 Watt Microwave/Hood combo. Not only was it reasonably priced but had everything we needed or wanted from it. Over the range microwaves seem to have larger cooking space so even oval or rectangular dishes will fit in easily. We have decided that this is our favorite purchase while remodeling our kitchen.  It has a clock, hi/low light, 3 speed fan and all the quick use buttons you need. It's also very easy to clean!   The one problem we did encounter is that the light is set back to far to be of much use when cooking. So unless your kitchen is very well lit you may want to consider this before purchasing. Luckily my husband and I are both tall. If you want your children to use this type of microwave or if you are on the short side you may find this a bit difficult to safely use.  

Tower, MI


Maytag Over Range Microwave is Good.


The Maytag Over the Range Microwave has been a good microwave for us.  We built our house 2 years ago now, and bought all Maytag appliances.  The microwave is the only Maytag appliance we bought that we feel is worthy of a "good" rating.  Not great, but good.  The microwave has some good options on it like the defrost options, popcorn button (which we really don't use, because it doesn't pop it just right), the turntable stop, timer, lights, etc...  The Microwave has been easy to clean and it seems to cook food fairly evenly.  We have had no problem with the door handle or the door being hard to open or close as I have read in some reviews.  I really don't have any complaints at all about the microwave, and have found it to be a decent product in the Maytag line.  Unfortunately I probably would not buy it again because I haven't been happy with the other Maytag products in general, and I usually stick with all the same brand in a kitchen.

Zeeland, MI


worst product for the money you pay


we bought this product last august and about a week after having this productsome weird noise happens when ever you start it up and the light kept burning out so we finally said forget it we dont need the light. and as soon as my warranty ended the microwave pretty much just stopped working. I will never buy another maytag anything. Theone good thing about this item is that it went in easy and looked good.

Lempster, NH


Maytag 1150 Watt 2.0 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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