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Maytag 1.8 cu. ft. 1100 Watt Combination Range Hood Microwave - Stainless


Maytag MMV6186WS 1.8 cu. ft. Combination Range Hood-Microwave with 1100 Watts, Five-Speed 300 CFM Venting System, 10 Power Levels, Sensor and SpeedCook Technology, Stainless Steel Interior and Halogen Cooktop Lighting: Stainless

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Easy Excellence


Easy to operate, clean, great value with good price, great over stove lighting, good vent very powerful. We are addicted to this microwave. Ease of Use Simple commands. love the add a minute button. Very quick to get use to. Design Picked to replace another and fit perfect.



Nice Microwave for the kitchen


This was the first microwave that we purchased as an over the range microwave.Initially we had one that sat on the counter and decided that a range microwave would save up some space and in addition make the kitchen look nicer. This microwave performs really well and I really have no complaints. It looks nice in my kitchen and complements the rest of the kitchen appliances. The one negative thing that I can think of is the fan can be a little loud at times when cooking but all in alI really would highly recommend this microwave to consumers in the market for a new one. Maytag is one of the best performing brands out there.

Antioch, CA


Maytag 1100 Watt 2.0 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range


**Last year we had a kitchen fire and was able to pick out some new appliances. The over the range microwave that we had before was from 1994. It took us a minute to shop and compare various models and after 4 days of searching and reading reviews we settled on the Maytag. I was instantly impressed with all of the functions. I felt like a spoiled little kid. There is a button to heat water, melt butter etc. The colors blended in great with our kitchen. I was a little concerned about the location of the vent and if it truly would suck up all the steam as our old one did. So far I cant complain about the performance and am very happy with our purchase. The only think that struck me as odd was that it came with a metal rack. I come from the old school and we don't put metal in the microwave. It didn't come with a guide/manual so I never knew what the purpose of it was.**

Spanaway, WA


Nice Microwave!


We have been using this microwave since the beginning of December.  It's very nice, works well, attractive, spacious, the choices for the buttons are great, etc.  I have no complaints about it at all!

Toledo, OH


hard to clean but matches all other appliances in the house


I like my Maytag microwave, but it is hard to clean.  The glass tray that fits inside is extremely heavy and hard to clean and not break or chip.  The inside design is hard to clean also, but with a little hot water and soap, that does the trick.  A little bulky for cupboard eara, but it fits snug.  I have three kids to cook for and have used it alot.  The breaker keeps going off and my husband has to keep resetting it on the actual microwave, which means that he has to undo that whole thing and take it out of the cupboard area and hit the reset button on the microwave and then put it back which takes two people beause it is extremely heavy and dangerous.  It came with the house which we bought 15 years ago and is still barely working, but has lasted a very long time, which means it must be really well made.  I highly recommend this microwave, but be prepared for the heaviness of it.  It is the longest lasting microwave I have ever used.  The buttons on ours are flush push button which is easy to use and very easy to clean.  I just use a lysol disinfectant wipe and it's done.  

Fair Oaks, CA


Maytag 1.8 cu. ft. 1100 Watt Combination Range Hood Microwave - Stainless

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