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Maybelline XXL Curl Power Washable Mascara

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This is in my opinion the most amazing mascara you can get in any brand or with any price range.  i have tried all the extremely expenisve mascara and this beats them all hands down.  I am a big eyelash person.  When I wake up in the morning i make sure to put in thisi mascara even if I decide to not put anymore makeup on for the rest of the day.  This make them look long and this and I never have a problem with clumps.  I also love how the brush has a curl to it, this adds to the fact that it is extremely easy to apply and that it stays on for as long as you need it to.  This product comes with half white and the other side or hald is black, I believe you can also get it in brown. I absolutely love this fact because it adds to the look. This product also lasts me an extremely long time so I do not feel that the two different sides takes away the amount you get.  I highly recommend this product!

Chico, CA


clumpish but somewhat curled


To start off: my left eyelashes curl just fine, but my right eye - in the center section of lashes, it's straight out, so i've been trying to find something to fix that.  I stopped in my tracks when I passed the Maybelline section and remembered I must try something since I'm obviously not born with it, so it must be Maybelline.  Anyway, they had upgrated to XXL Pro by now, so i picked up the curl.  You're first supposed to apply the XX-Treme Curl basecoat, which is the white side, and that's supposed to do the curling part.  You then use the other side, the black side, to "lock" it in and actually look like you're wearing mascara.  Now, there was a slight bit of curl, but i'm not sure if I was using the brush the wrong way because it's curved - perhaps there is a better way to achieve the curl.  After I applied the black coat, it looked extremely dark and dramatic.  There is no way I could go ANYWHERE wearing this mascara unless I lived on the Jersey Shore.  I didn't find it nearly as clean of a mascara as I would hope it could be, and it definitely did not do a uniform curl for me.  It claims that it lasts 12 hours, but I couldn't be bothered to wear it for that long with the look it gave me.  

Northbrook, IL


Wow! Now, I have lashes!


Without mascara, I don't have eyes...they disappear!  I hated mascara so I didn't wear it forever - just eyeliner/eyeshadow.  Then, finally gave in and gave it a try again.  Decided to go all out and give this stuff a try - it works! 2 Steps - yes! Come on...an extra 60 seconds isn't a death sentence since it works!  The 1 step stuff doesn't have the same effect for me. Brush on Step 1 - Brush on Step 2 - done.  What does help is that I have one of those super-duper lighted magnifying mirrors mounted on my wall.  Piece of cake. Lasts all day - 12-14 hours - doesn't flake.  It's cheap.  What more could I want?          

Lodi, CA


Make up should be kept simple


When I find a deal on make up I grab it. Not only for the deal, but to give it a try.   Well I gave **Mabelline XXL Curl Power mascara. **It's claim is this mascara dramatically curls and extends lashes 45° from root to tip. Patented CurLock formula gives lashes 12 hours of hold. - No clumps - Exclusive PowerCurve brush - Ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact users - Washable It's not a bad mascara, but I like to keep things simple and quick in the mornings. The XXL mascara is a two step process. Put on the basecoat on your  lashes to lengthen and curl. (It does curl and lengthen, but I feel like I am putting Elmer's glue on my eye lashes and it has a white color to it). Then follow with XXL Hold topcoat. I have to really watch to make sure I covered up all the white which can be a pain. Longer lashes yes, but still looked skimpy. Bottom line. It does curl and lengthen, but the two step process is a bit much. I bought the black and doesn't seem as dark as I would like.  My eyes also tend to get irritated by the first step. It doesn't really look as full as they could.  I would be in heaven if my lashes were as full as they claim check out their model's picture (right).  

Appleton, WI


Maybelline XXL Curl Power Washable Mascara

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