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Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper - All Shades

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Wasn't as plumping as I had hoped it would be.


I have quite thin lips, so I definitely wanted a product that would be able to make my lips a bit thicker and plump. This made my lips look the slightest bit thicker, but in general it didn't do a whole lot. It still made my lips look nice in other ways, but it really didn't do the things that it promised.



Alright Color, But My Purse Preferred NOT To Wear It


When I first saw the Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper, I thought it would be a great little gloss to stick in my purse to take with me for natural looking lip color. **Product Details** Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper comes in a taupe colored plastic tube with a notched cap that locks on top of the tube. The color of the lip gloss shows in a ring around where the top meets the bottom. The applicator is angled with holes for the gloss to come out when you turn the bottom. The color I got was a neutral peachy color. **Product Performance** The liquid itself is sort of emollient and does have a slight tingle to it. I didn't see any remarkable plumping, but that was not my goal anyway. The color was mildly opaque and it looked very nice on, but not remarkable. The fragrance/flavor is not overwhelming or annoying and does fade over time. The problems started with this gloss when it began to leak out of the top and into my purse. I finally stopped carrying it with me and threw it away. **The Bottom Line** This was a decent gloss in a nice color. The container was attractive and the gloss applied very nicely from it. The problem was that it leaked through the lid and I stopped using it. It was just not that remarkable, and with the leaky container, not worth the time to buy another.

Podunk, NY


Love it


So i saw a review for maybeline lip plumping on youtube and they recommended it. So of course i ran out and bought me some in a light nude color #105. And beside the tingling sensation I love it  and definatelly recommend it. Now it doesnt oh my god plump your lips buuuttt it does some and just enough

Carrollton, TX


The pain was not worth the gain


So I went to Walmart a couple months ago and saw this pretty looking lip stuff, this *Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper*.  I'm not all that into makeup and I wasn't paying attention to it being a lip 'plumper' at the time but I brought it home mostly because it was such a pretty shade of pink. When I put it on the first time I thought it was kinda weird.  The plumper gives your lips this tingly/numbing feeling whenever you put it on but after a little while, maybe 5 minutes or so, the tingly goes away.  The color was amazing, was definitely one of the best shades I have ever seen and it gives the lips this nice shine that doesn't look too unnaturally like you just ate chicken and forgot to wipe your lips. I didn't use the product for a while, kinda just tossed it to the back of my stuff.  It's been about 2 months or so now and I pulled the *VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper* back out the other day.  Put it on just like before and got the same tingly reaction I got before.  Nice stuff.  Next day I used it again.  Problem was, the tingly didn't go away for a long while this time and then the numbing started to settle in, it came to stay.  It's been two days now and my lips are very very chapped and numb and a bit swollen.  There are little bumps on the rim of my upper and lower lip. I have *Cortizone-10 Plus* on my lips right now as I write this, which is actually working quite well.  The little bumps are all gone, numbing is starting to subside and the swelling's down a bit too.  Needless to say, I have tossed the *VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper*.

Syracuse, NY


Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper - All Shades

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