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Maybelline SuperStay 24 HR Concealer

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Finally found something to cover up my dark circles!


I have very dark, sunken purple circles underneath my eyes, and it's very hard for me to find products that are able to completely cover them up without looking caked. This is a very good product, also because it stays on all day and it found fade out. It really brightened up my eyes and concealed the imperfections beautifully.



hides blemishes


I'm definitely not the type of girl who wears make up, but the one thing I do take the time to apply is concealer. I use this product to cover up any blemishes I see on my face. The color I got is a tad bit too dark for me, but if I smooth it out enough, it works. This concealer does last a long time, so there's not much need for retouches throughout the day. I always keep the tube in my purse so I can just slip into a restroom if I'm feeling self conscious and apply it to feel good again. This product is really cheap compared to brand name concealers, but it gets the job done. I've had mine for about 2 years now since I use it really sparingly. I apply it only on my blemishes, so it still doesn't look like it'll run out any time soon.

Diamond Bar, CA


One of the Best I have Tried & Shade that really matches my tone


I found another concealer I love lots - Cover girl Invisible. Its has staying power yet goes on naturally , and doesnt look like a spot being covered in a bad way like most others I have tried leave me looking like. But I needed another shade that was deeper and peach toned during the summer months when my fair skin would get a bit darker than winter months and the shades in Invisible werent going to do the job. That is when I tried this Maybelline 24 Hour Super stay Concealer. It isnt drying. It goes on creamy and I lovvvvve that they have real skin tones for fair to medium. I find all the other lines in "Light/Fair/Beige" are too yellow and not natural peach tones. Thsi one in Light fits my face tone properly so I am overjoyed. I may also go one step darker because that oen also looked fantastic as well for the warmer months. I find it stays and looks blended for most of the day and not like others that later on i see them as whiter spots on my face lol.  So overall no product is perfect and when it comes to concealers, I find most dont even do a decent job, looking fake and making a breakout look crusty and weird, but I recommend this one as a great concealer for long lasting wear that seems to cover well and blend in to the skin that doesnt need concealing. I woudl say the same for Cover Girl Invisible as well as far as performance. This Superstay however has a warmer toned base to it.

New York, NY


Maybelline SuperStay 24 HR Concealer

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