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Maybelline Sky High Curves Waterproof Mascara

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Sky High? Not so much. Waterproof? Absolutely!


Maybelline Sky High Curves Extreme Length & Curl Waterproof Mascara is also available in a regular, non-waterproof kind, but I've never tried it.  All I know is that I will not use this mascara again unless I plan on swimming 20 miles or more and want to look gorgeous. I've used **Maybelline Sky High Curves Extreme Length & Curl Waterproof Mascara **for regular use and for the occasions when I might get my face wet and wanted to prevent raccoon eyes.  The one good thing I have to say about this mascara is that it sure is waterproof.  So waterproof, I can't get it off!  I have taken a shower and scrubbed my eye lashes, just to get out of the shower and still have this stuff stuck on.  I've learned that if I use this mascara, I can just expect to wear it for a couple days! I can say that it does add a nice bit of length to my lashes, but almost zero volume.  I notice no difference with curling since I curl my lashes with a curler before I apply mascara.  The brush is made of tapered bristles that only seem to grab some of my lashes, so I do need to stroke my lashes several times to get them all.  As for clumps, I haven't seen any. If your main objective is to find a waterproof mascara, this is your winner.  If you want a well-rounded mascara that happens to be waterproof, keep searching.  You'll get the length with this one, but that's about it.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Go out with some daring Maybelline Sky HIgh Curves!


I'm always testing out new mascaras to see which one's the best fit for me. Today, there's always some new mascara coming out claiming to do this and that, but do they really do it? I've tried mascaras that claim to be zero clumps and I still have clumps! What's the point of using a product for the benefits it offers when it can't even do those? Most women today are always trying to make their lashes to look longer and fuller. It's just about every woman's dream right? I was lucky to find Maybelline Sky High Curves mascara on sale, so I decided to give it a try since I had just run out of my old stuff. It lengthens and curls your lashes and comes in washable and waterproof.  I put this mascara to the test and it lifted my lashes and curled them slightly up! My eyes were more open than ever. I never take the time to curl my lashes since it seems like too much to me, so this helps me a great deal. I had absolutely no clumps at all and I definitely will be replacing my old mascara with this one.


Mesa, AZ


Disappointed with results


I keep trying to find the perfect mascara, but this one isn't it!  When using it, I notice my lashes don't show up as well as with other brands, and it tends to clump and flake.  It wasn't especially expensive, but I hate buying things that don't work well.  Guess I'll keep looking....


Rocky Mount, NC


Maybelline Sky High Curves Waterproof Mascara

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