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Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Color - All Shades

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Forever Strong keeps my nails chip-free with less breakage.


I'm addicted to nail polish, and like to try new brands.  I was having trouble with my polish chipping within a day or two.  This would happen especially if my hands were in water a lot.  Without nail polish my nails tend to break easily.  I've used Maybelline nail polish in the past, usually if there was an appealing color.  While the colors were nice, they didn't stay on my nails very long, due to chipping. Recently, while nail polish shopping I noticed Maybelline Forever Strong Iron Nail Color, which was a new product to me. Though it was a bit pricey, I decided to give it a try, hoping for the best.  I was pleasantly surprised that my nails stayed chip-free longer and didn't break as easily after being in water.   I found that I had the best results if I used a clear polish over it.  The coverage is good, and I don't have to use as  many coats as wih some other brands.  Now that I know it does the job for me, I'm ready to try some new colors!    

Manassas, VA


Better than a salon polish


I like to have my nails painted (and hopefully unchipped!) at all times and I hate when I have to redo them too often. I have found that this nail polish goes on very smooth and lasts long when used with a base and topcoat. Alone, it doesn't work as well, but with the extra coats it has lasted up to a week with only small chips. I use Sally Hansen 2 in 1 base and topcoat, but I know that is not the key since I've tried with other polishes and never gotten as good results. After a few weeks of use, my nails are very strong and people mistake my at-home manicures for a professional job.

Anchorage, AK


Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Color - All Shades

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