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Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow 8 Pan - Sunbaked Neutrals #01

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Maybelline Eyeshadow in Sunbaked Neutrals is my favorite!


This is my all time favorite makeup product. I got it almost two years ago and I still have it even though I use it everyday. With all the different colors there are so many different combinations you can make. These shades are great for day time and night time for either a casual or more dramatic look.  The quality of the makeup is also very good. The eyeshadows blend easily into one another and even after hours of wear they do not crease.  The packaging was cheaply made and broke after a few months but the eyeshadows held up just fine. The applicator given with the eyeshadow was pretty ineffective in applying the makeup but any other eyeshadow brush works well.  The makeup washes off easily and I would recommend it to everyone. Its pretty nuetral so the colors look great on all skin tones and flatters all eye colors. It is a staple in my makeup kit and I use it all the time for day and night time looks!

Berlin, CT


I LOVE the Golden/ Brown colors


I really love the golden brown colors. I bought this last year and used it constantly. It is amazing a blue eyes, makes them pop and become more noticed. I got a lot of compliments at work too. It didn't crease and the darker colors lasted almost all day, the lighter ones I had to reapply. I advise you to get this is you have blue eyes.

Yorba Linda, CA


Not the best quality eyeshadows, but surely worth the money


I was really happy when I found this palette on sale.  I was looking for some summer into fall colors and this has a perfect blend of those.  The finishes vary from matte to metallic, which I love.  You can definitely do whole looks with this palette with the variety of finishes and colors.  I always use a base with these so they don't wear off of crease on me.  These are not the best quality shadows, but with a base they can definitely get the job done.  Some of the colors really lack in color pay off.  The more metallic colors are probably the worst for this.  These might be best on top of a tacky style eye shadow base, in my opinion.  My favorite colors are the matte brown and the darker green.  I also really like the darkest brown and the shimmery champagne color.  I use the matte brown on my brows and as a lid and/or crease color.  I really wish they offered this one on it's own!  Overall, I really like these colors but don't love them all.  I really wish I could buy the ones I like on their own!

Burnsville, MN


Maybelline neutrals eyeshadow great for everyday use


If you want an everyday neutral palette that brings out your eye color, this one's for you! It is very inexpensive and cuts right to the chase. It gives you a nice variety of browns and highlighter colors that are all you need for your everyday use. The colors are very neutral and matte, so it looks natural when you put them on. The lighter colors are meant for highlighting under your brows, and really make your eyes bigger and brighter that way. This is a great palette, especially for beginners that do not know how to look beautiful and neutral at the same time. The brushes given aren't great and I would suggest using your own eyeshadow brushes, but the shadow colors are great. On a summer day, try using darker shades in your crease and really use the highlighter colors under your brows to make your eyes pop! Nothing special, but just a very good basic eyeshadow palette for everyday use. The quality is good too, especially for the price.

La Jolla, CA


Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow 8 Pan - Sunbaked Neutrals #01

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