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Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain - Wink of Pink

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Maybelline Lip Stain leaves you stained with disappointment


For months and months I kept hearing nothing, but talk about stains and how wonderful they were and how great they looked.  Everywhere I looked where advertisements so of course I wanted to try one especially because they look so great on the people on the commercials.  So anyways I went to the store and selected Maybellines lip stain because I liked the way that product looked the best as it had less of a wet look.  So I took it home and of course they warn you that the color on the packaging is the not the same as the actual color of the product, which is was not but I was more then prepared for that.  In fact, when picking one I would suggest that you pick the lightest color possible because I picked a light color and on me it still looked really red even though it was supposed to look pick.  It smells really good on.  You want to make sure you do not have any dry skin on your lips before you put it on because if you do it will look really bad.  Also it does not stay on very well so you will need to carry it around to be able to keep applying it.

Greenville, NC


Maybelline *SECOND product I hate from Maybelline*


I have ALWAYS been a loyal customer of Maybelline but recently I have had bad experiences. I bought this lipstain *in the shade In The Buff* trying to find a nude lipstain but on the package it was a light coral pink. When I put it on, bright red! It was bad, so bad. I totally felt like a clown! Well, doesn't look like I will buy lipstain from them again. But I do enjoy their Lipstick and Mascara.

Radford, VA


Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain- not so great


I was so excited when I bought the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain - Wink of Pink.  I thought how great it will be - something lightweight, unlike the other 8 or 12 hour lipsticks.  I was truly disappointed.  First of all, it does not really stay on or "stain" your lips like it implies.  Also the color is not the same as it looks on the outside.  I tried putting on a couple coats thinking maybe that was the problem, but it looked terrible - it didn't help the color and it didn't help it stain.   I love Maybelline products but not this one.   Granted, it is not one of the more expensive lip stains out there, but I expected a better quality product from Maybelline.  I may try it again in a year or so after they improve it,  I am sure they are having alot of complaints about it.  I guess if I want long lasting lip glass or lipstick, I will have to stick with the heavier types for now. 

Toledo, OH


Doesn't stay on


I bought this lip stain because it was advertised in many of the magazines I read.  I work as a dental assistant, so I'm always looking for a long lasting lipstick that won't come off on my surgical mask.  First I purchased a purple/wine color (I don't recall the actual name of the shade), which looked more purple on the outside of the tube, but not too dark.  Since all makeup is sealed shut, I couldn't really tell the exact color in the store, but I took a chance and bought it anyhow.  Well, once I got home and opened the tube, I could tell by the tip it was much darker than the color on the outside.  It ended up being an extremely dark wine shade - too dark against my pale skin.  The color did last a very long time, although it was drying.  It lasted through dinner and I used eye makeup remover to take it off.  I ended up returning the tube the next day, and exchanged it for a lighter berry shade (Blushed).  I like the berry shade better, but it doesn't stay on at all and I had to reapply 3 times throughout the day.  By that evening, my lips were very chapped and dry.  I would definitely apply a balm or gloss over the stain.  My guess is the darker shades might stay on better ??  I don't think I will buy again though.

Bossier City, LA




I bought three colors (cherry pop, bitten berry, and wink of pink). I don't really care for the marker-like tips, and the cap colors don't really match the actual colors! Cherry pop, however, is actually a really nice shade of red :)

South El Monte, CA


Color does not come out as advertised


First as a disclaimer I should say that the color I have is **NOT **wink of pink, but rather In the Buff.  I didn't see one for this color, but since it is the same product, I thought it was relevant.   I can't say for the wink of pink for sure, but in the buff is advertised as being the lightest color in the collection.  Being a nude-tone or light pink person, I was hoping for something light.  Even the cap is a light pink (which since I am also interested in light pink-tones, I would have been ok with that).   However, when it came out, it was anything but nude OR pink.  It comes out as almost a berry tone (which I know there are berry tones in the Maybelline lip stain collection).  But this clearly states that it is a nude like tone.   I was so disappointed that I even called to complain about it.  Unfortunately I can't say that I know how well it stays on because I was so disappointed in the color that I took it off immediately.  It did seem to go on nicely, and the color itself (while not my color) was vivid.  But I would have been more happy with colors that actually suit my face. 

Utica, NY


The color stays


I just purchased Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain - Wink of Pink last weekend.  I love this product!  I had seen it advertised in a few magazines and when I received a coupon for it, I thought I'd give it a try.    Unlike other lipsticks that claim to keep your lips colored throughout the day, drinking coffee, kissing, etc... I have found that most of them wear off just the same as the next.  The color sensational lip stain, however, actually "stains" your lips for hours.  I put it on prior to shopping and drinking a soda.  Hours later, my lips still had color to them.  The stain is easy to apply- it is just like "coloring" your lips with a marker. The only downside and the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5, is that there is no shiny or gloss to this color.  I simply add a coat of clear gloss overtop to get the desired look.  I can't wait to try out the other shades that are available.

New Cumberland, PA


Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain - Wink of Pink

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