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Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Baby Ring Sling Carrier

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Easy to use ring sling for babies/small toddlers


This ring sling was a life saver for me when my daughter was younger. She liked to be help, a lot (as most babies do). But, like most moms, I had things I needed to accomplish throughout the day. I could very easily put her in the sling and go about my day. It was also easy to use when going in and out of the store. Very comfortable to wear as it helps to distribute the weight of the baby. As she got older, it was an easy way to carry her on my hip with added support. This ring sling came in handy, also, while traveling. It was a breeze to put her in the sling as I made my way through the airport and on to the airplane. It was so much easier having use of both hands when trying to juggle luggage and a baby. I felt she was safe and close and not squirming to get away. I know many moms who find it easy to nurse while using a ring sling. Unfortunately, because I am bigger in the bust, this was not the case for me. But, it was nice to have the sling as it did double as a nursing cover a time or two. It's also a nice way to keep nosy people from touching on the baby when they are quite young. I recommend baby wearing in a sling to all new moms!!




Padded Maya Wrap is Better Than the Original


 I purchased my first **Maya Wrap MamaBaby Sling **back in 2006. It was black and the original kind (unpadded). I loved this sling because it gave me two free hands to hold onto my then four year old and two year old. I also loved the fact that I could feel comfortable going places with all three of the children. I have a bad back, so carrying the baby car seat was not an option. Plus, the stroller was not always an option at the grocery store, etc. The Maya wrap is great! I've also bought a HotSling that is super-cute, but I did not like it as much. It was too binding and non-adjustable. The Maya wrap adjusts to exactly where you want it to be and holds the fabric in place until you want to change it. The fabric is very breathable, yet strong. My biggest complaint with the black wrap it the fact that it is a lint magnet! Seriously. It will be COVERED in light colored lint and fuzz in two seconds flat. I have a lint brush in my car for the constant lint removal necessary to make the wrap look presentable. I sold my first Maya wrap because I thought we were finished having children. Then, the Lord surprised us with baby #4! I bought a second one, but the padded version this time. I like the padded version better. It helps the wrap not to dig into my shoulder so much. But, like a glutton for punishment, I bought it in black, again. I wear mostly black, so I liked the fact that it blended in with my clothes and did not draw too much attention to it. That overrode the lint issue. I just have stock in lint brushes. :)


Columbiana, AL


Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Baby Ring Sling Carrier

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