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Maxzide Diuretic

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Maxzide saved my hearing


I have been prescribed Maxzide for over ten years for hypertension. Initially I was tired of dealing with going to the toilet over and over again but once I was regulated on the medication I was able to just about time my bathroom trips and maintain a normal life. I was content with the fact that my condition was responding to the medication but I failed to attend to the fact that I could not go for weeks without also watching water, caffeine and salt intake. After several years I have had other mediations adjusted but have maintained the use of the Maxzide. This is available in generic format that is much more affordable and just as effective as the regular prescription. This past year I suffered some health issues that were akin to motion sickness. Once dealing with my general practitioner and treating it as it presented with little resolution he recommended a trip to an ENT specialist. This proved fruitful and my poor habits caught up with me. He recommended that I double my Maxzide intake for a few months and cut out the salt. The prognosis was that if I kept abusing my body that I could lose my hearing.  No more salt abuse for me and no more motion sickness thanks to Maxzide.

Greer, SC


Maxzide Diuretic

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