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Maxwell House
Maxwell House Original Blend

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Awful coffee, tastes stale as soon as it's opened


I've always thought Maxwell House was a terrible coffee. It doesn't hold a candle to it's main rival (Folgers) in terms of flavor or quality. For a very similar price there are other far superior options. I'm sure someone out there prefers M.H., but it's not for me. To me it is very bitter with a slight "burnt" flavor even when drank as soon as it's brewed. It also has a "stale" taste even when it's newly opened. I'm not a fan.



Maxwell House is truely good to the last drop!


    I, being a coffe lover, have tried every brand of coffee there is to try and without a moments doubt prefer Maxwell House to any other. The Maxwell House brand has any flavor and kind of coffee you could desire, from Bold dark roast to light  and suttle breakfast blend. The aromatic smell wakes the sleepy eyes and the smooth blend of ground beans, selected from only the best, taste like nothing I have ever swallowed.   I would recommend the Maxwell House family over any brand out there. It's the only coffee I will drank and the one brand I would go out of my way for. Its flavor is adjustable to your needs with all the different varities of cans and packages. The vacum packed packages are a great way to stock up because they last and stay fresh until your ready to use them. When you cut open that sealed package and take that first whiff you know what true is, its almost as good as that first sip and always good to the very last drop. You can now even choose from perk coffee makers or fast on the go instant coffee, they have it all.

Forsyth, GA


amazing the best coffee ever


i am a 15 year old boy and i have been drinking coffee for 3 years and all i buy was folgers. then about 7 days ago a decided to buy maxwell house and what do you know. it i really good to the last drop. it now 2011 and my new years resolution is to buy nothing but this same brand of coffee. i hope you all decide to buy this brand.

Lubbock, TX


I love you Maxwell House coffee!!!!


I try tons of coffee because I am addicted to it! I have tried really expensive coffee and really cheap coffee and always come back to Maxwell House for the Perfect cup of coffee every time. It is not bitter at all.LOVE IT!

Riverdale, MI


Disappointing bitter taste


I usually like maxwell house coffees, so I was disappointed when I tried the original blend and found it to be very bitter.  If your just looking for a kick in the morning however, this is still the brand to choose.

Owosso, MI


Maxwell House Original Blend - this new blend is horrible


This original blend is NOT THE  ORIGINAL BLEND- it is just as horrilbe tasting as all the other  "NEW" Maxwell house coffees now are and I have used Maxwell House for years!!what a shame they had to ruin one of the best tasting coffees on the market I am still searching for another brand as my husband & I cannot even drinks this junk it is soooo bitter!!! we have used 3 different coffe makers in our quest to make it taste decent and at least drinkable - to no avail



My Favorite Coffee - Morning or Anytime


  I've tried and used many different coffees here in the US and also abroad.  By far, my preferred brand here in the US is Maxwell House - Original Blend.  I've tried all of their others and still come back to this blend.  It is the one blend that tastes best to me so I keep using it. Unfortunately, I am a traditionalist, I don't like flavored coffees and Maxwell House - Original Blend is the one we all like best.

Easton, PA


Maxwell House Original Blend

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