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Maxwell House
Maxwell House Dark Roast Coffee

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Really Great Coffee - if you like dark roasted!


The Maxwell House Dark Roast coffee is some of the best we've found so far. My husband a bit of a coffeeholic and we've tried so many different brands - Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Yuban, Gevalia, many, many other kinds and we have finally settled in on this dark roast from Maxwell House. It is just a great tasting cup of coffee - if you like dark roast that is - it's full of flavor and might be a bit strong if you aren't accustomed to dark roast. We love it!

Talladega, AL


Maxwell House sooooooooooooooooooo darn good!


What can i say about Maxwell House Dark Roast coffee it is so darn good..I have been drinking coffee for years and i just started recently as 2 years drinking Maxwell House Coffee...I noticed that you don't have to brew much to get that great taste of good coffee which others you do..I love coffee and this is so good that i would recommend maxwell house to anyone that wants to drink quality coffee and a good product maxwell house has a great reputation and has been around for years and years and is much better than Folgers coffee...I add cream and sugar to my coffee and it tastes great it does not over power the taste of the coffee...Anyone that tries Maxwell house will not be disappointed...I also do not have a caffine effects on my stomach which some brands used to do to me the caffine hit my stomach so hard it used to make me sick...but i would not trade this product for the world i am a permanent customer of maxwell house dark roast coffee.

Decatur, GA


Very good coffee, excellent flavor and smells fresh


We usually only make one pot of coffee each day, in the morning and it is Maxwell House.  We have tried many other brands, some expensive, some not...but always come back to Maxwell House coffee brand.  It has a smoother deep flavor and no bitterness we found.  The smell of the coffee when you first open the can is pure heaven, it just smells so fresh and good.  Our day is always started off with a cup of Maxwell House coffee with french vanilla creamer and has for many years.  Usually Maxwell House is one of the lower costing brands of coffee which makes it all the better for us....good flavor and good value.  I think the Dark Roast coffee is a bit bolder, darker and has more flavor than the regular Maxwell House coffee and is usually our first choice.  We would highly recommend this brand of coffee over many of the other brands out there if you are looking for taste and value.  One good cup of coffee!

Jefferson, OH


Maxwell House Dark Roast Coffee

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