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Maximatic Elite Gourmet 8.5-Quart Slow Cooker

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Maxi Matic 8.5 QT Crock Pot a Winner


Previous owned crock pots have been various sizes and colors. The color is mute for me as long as it gets the job done. I am not crazy about stainless steel and keeping it clean but that is just a preference. Every one I have owned has simple operations about it, which I am very much OK with. I have also owned round and oval. The oval ones can fit your meat cuts as well as all the things added to it so much better than round. That being said, I invested in this one as a spare after the awesome price on it. I couldn't pass it up. This is stainless steel, with an 8.5 QT black crock in it. It has just the few settings of Off, High, Low, and Auto Defrost. The only other settings I have tried on previous models is Warming, I have as yet to try the Auto Defrost on this unit. Storing this size is a challenge but I am up for that challenge considering the benefits outweigh that. The unit itself performs just as well as any other brands I have owned before. I rely quite a bit on mine, and the size is even better as I will cook up a lot, then freeze the remainder for future meals. As for reviews I had read previously it seems that getting too hot is the biggest obstacle. Just like tweaking recipes to fit my likes, adjusting to the getting hot is not a big thing to me. It might be for someone else who is setting it before they leave the house etc. and then checking on it later to find out you have a dried out mess. So in that respect maybe a timer for the unit would work better, just set it and forget it. Which I believe was the original concept for the use of a crock pot. I do like that there are those honest reviews so I can make an informed decision for my use. The other thing I wanted to point out is washing the crock itself can be awkward due to the size and weight, but if you have a dishwasher then this is helpful.

Rimrock, AZ


Huge - just what I wanted


I had a 4 quart crock pot. I rarely used it anymore because it was just too small. I'd been looking for a good deal on a larger one. I saw this and just couldn't pass it up. It is stainless, which is nice because it matches the rest of our kitchen appliances. Especially nice since this one is too big to fit in a cabinet. I hope to clear a spot in the pantry for it eventually, but for now it looks fine sitting out on the countertop. I made a roast in it first and was able to put potatoes in, something which I could never fit in the other one. It was still only half full! I must say that this one cooks much hotter than my smaller one. The low setting had the contents boiling within just 2-3 hours, where as my old one wouldn't boil until after about 8 hours on low. The roast was drier than usual, not sure if that was due to the meat or the high cook temp. But, I think from now on I will wait until later to turn it on since I think the cook time should be less.. Other than this, I am very glad to finally have a BIG crock pot.

Slidell, LA


Great slower cookers


This is one of the best slower cooker i have ever owned. It has three settings auto, low and high . Your food comes out great. You ac preety much put it on the low setting a cook it all day ithout having to be there.a extreamlly usefull appliance.

Oak Grove, KY


Crockpot Review


We purchased this crockppot about 6 months ago to replace my old one that broke. I was searching specifically for one that was bigger than 6 quarts as I have 8 children and cook everything in large quantities. I like this crockpot because it serves that purpose. It also has a defrost setting which is really nice if you forget to take out dinner before hand. The one thing I do not like is that it gets VERY hot. I have found that the low setting is really waht a normal crockpot would be high which is fine until you really need to cook something on low. SOmetimes the defrost setting will work on low but not always. It's easy to clean but the base also feels very flimsy to me. So far though it serves it's purpose as far as being large for our needs. I hope that the big companies that make really good crockpots will come out with a larger one soon. The price was very reasonable but I would be willing to pay more if these issues continue to happen.

Rolesville, NC


Maximatic Elite Gourmet 8.5-Quart Slow Cooker

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