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Maxiglide Hair Straightener Value Pack

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Maxi glide can straighten out a piece of steel wool


I love my Maxi glide.  I'm African American and it straightens my hair out just lovely.  My hair never has been so silky with any other flat iron.  I also noticed that their wasn't a burnt hair smell when I used the Maxiglide.   I was a bit confused about how steam coming from the flat iron could straighten hair.  However, it does just that.  I compare the steam to steam from an iron and the steam unwrinkling a crease.  The Maxiglide is a bit cumbersome and awkard at first but every use gets better.  It kinda is a hassle to have to refill the water container when using the steam burst often.  But that is a trade-off for the wonderful results given by the Maxiglide. 

Richmond, VA


Maxiglide Hair Straightener Value Pack

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