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Maxi-Cosi Foray Stroller

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would not buy again


I loved how the stroller looked. but it was to bulky and impractical in the end. I have the travel system in tan and brown, and it comes in 3 pieces instead of 2. The basket in the bottom is super small. I wish I would have gone with something more lightweight Design I hate that it feels like theres a ton of steps you have to do to open the stroller and then to close it. It's really frustrating. And its really bulky. and you cannot have the stroller seat attached to the frame when you want to fold it. It also gets mistreated when folding and unfolding Safety theres nothing (from what i could tell) thats dangerous Child Comfort The material is really soft and comfortable Maneuverability Its good as a walking stroller but its a pain when going shopping. Its just to bulky to fit in narrow space. Durability My main reason for not giving it a 5 point review is because of the fabric. It is so hard to clean. With the car seat i'm able to detach it and throw it in the washer but after spot cleaning and washing it, I can still see where the milk stains were. And on the stroller seat attachment, it is not able to be thrown in the washer, so that one is really hard to clean



Decent stroller


I went stroller hunting for months searching and researching for strollers. Saw that all the trendy hips parents were pushing the bugaboos and maclarens. Later decided the bugaboos were just reidiculously priced and the maclarens werent really suitable for newborns. A friend later recommended the quinny, its a little cheaper than the bugaboo and it looked pretty nice. At toys r us, we saw this on sale, then went home and researched on this and found it to be the same company and the quinny. After some thought, we decided to get this. The good, it is very comfortable for the baby, the kind of comfort you can never get from an unbrella stroller. The bad about it, it is a pain in the you know what to open and close. After trying many many times, it still very difficult to do it smoothly. That would be my biggest complaint. Otherwise, it's a nicely built stroller and got compiments from other people.

New York, NY


Maxi-Cosi Foray Stroller

2.5 2