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Maxell - NB-HB210 Headphones

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won't stay put!


I needed a pair of headphones to wear while working so I could listen to music off my computer. I purchased the Maxell headphones from my local drug store because I did not want the one with the headband messing up my hair, and my ears are a little small so I don't like the feeling of the ear buds. But my small ears also make this product a little difficult to use. The hook fits okay around my ear, but the actual speaker portion sits a little too low on my ear. In order to put the speaker portion in the right spot I have to push the hooks up a little so they aren't really that hooked around my ear. I will continue to use them, they work just fine while I am sitting at my desk. But I would never be able to wear these while working out because they would just fall right off.

Salida, CA


these are a rip off


I recieved these from a survey payoff and it was sent promptly. These earbud headphones are not comfortable to wear. They tend to come out of your ear.  The sound is of very poor Quality. I would nor reccomend these to anyone.

Corryton, TN


Maxell - NB-HB210 Headphones

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