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Max Factor
Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush - All Shades

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Soft natural looking color with a hint of blush


I have known so many people that like the minerals powders that when I got the chance to try the **Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush** I was excited. I thought it would make a nice compliment to my Lancome foundation and make my skin still look glowing and healthy during the winter months.  **Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush** is very easy to use and reasonably priced. However, the brush is very rough and actually hurts my skin. The powder color I got is too orange for my skin, I think a different color more pink would work better with my skin tones, but that's not Max Factors fault. There are three color tones to the palette, and three "colors" to choose from, Peaches, Roses, and Spices. You swirl your brush through the **Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush** palette and then swirl it onto your skin all over your face for more of a clean look than traditional blushes do. What I don't like about **Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blus**h is that it is a little too powdery spreading around as I try to put in on the brush. Also, it makes my skin feel too dry, and not silky smooth as I had hoped. Continued use actually dried my skin out. I don't really have sensitive skin, but in this case Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush is just not right for my skin. Who knows maybe a different color, maybe a different brush, but I don't think so. **Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush** may work for some, but it is just not right for me.

Houston, TX


a blush thats easy to love


I bought this blush for the first time over a year ago...and was actually able to grab a few to last me once I heard Max Factor was done selling in the US.  I like the fact that it has several complementary shades in rings so that you can swirl them together on the blush brush...or concentrate in one area of the blush circle and use mainly that color.  The blush is meant to be swirled...but to each their own.  I like the nice balance of color it gives me without being too colorful on my cheeks.  The color is also nicely pigmented...and doesn't look fake or too light.  I have had an interesting run in with many blushes over the years and my main complaint is that they either put way too much color on my cheeks or not enough.  It's hard to find a nice balance.  This blush gives that nice balance without having to work at it.  ***Final thoughts***:  A big thumbs up for this blush...but its too bad you can no longer buy it.

Toledo, OH


Good color palettes that blend well


I recently tried this Max Factor Color Genious Blush in brown and pink tones for the first time after being given a full size sample by BzzAgent to try. I usually use clinique, estee lauder, and the like and was pleasantly surprised to prefer this Max Factor blush. It spreads evenly, and blends well. It has a good variety of shades in one compact and provides really good coverage. doesn't look cakey or fake when applied but very natural look which I prefer (i like to look tan instead of made up)I generally don't like multi-shade blushes and don't use them but will continue to use this one. A definite must-have.

Pikesville, MD


One Blush many colors


Max Factor Color Genius Blush blends to match any color 2 different blushes. No more guessing a color and then getting home and finding out it looks terrible. Very easy  and fun to use. One shade can be used for many different skin colors. It's also very affordable.

Downers Grove, IL


Max Factor ColorGenius Mineral Blush - All Shades

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