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Maverick Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

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Love the name, love the design and use quite often.


Henrietta does a good job on hard boiled eggs if they are the right size. Sometimes she does not get them quite done. I love the design and the fact that you can walk away and she will let you know your eggs are done. I think they should design her to automatically shut off when the eggs are done. We have not had any luck with our soft boiled eggs. We can't seem to get them done exactly the way we want. I am still experimenting with the timing and the level of water. She also seems to boil over quite often, which makes a mess on the counter. I have learned to put a towel under her, this usually happens when I am making hard boiled eggs. I fill the container full, but sometimes the yolks are not quite done. But if I put anymore water in her she makes quite a mess. I still use her quite often, we love deviled eggs and she makes them so quickly. No water to boil and no pan to clean up, just wipe her clean.



Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is Cute and Cooks My Eggs


The Maverick Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is an appliance to cook boiled and/or poached eggs in. It is a novel piece to add to your kitchen counter and serves the purpose of cooking eggs. When the eggs are ready Henrietta chirps to let you know your eggs are ready! Henrietta comes with two plastic trays which appear when you lift off the top of the product. The egg poaching tray holds four eggs and the tray for boiling eggs will hold seven. At the very bottom of the lower portion of Henrietta is where you add water. You fill to the line marked. Place eggs on the tray you wish to use, plug in and wait. Henrietta will chirp when eggs are ready. One note on boiling eggs, you must first pierce the eggs before cooking them or else they will explode. There are two minor problems with this cute appliance. The first is washing the tray for poached eggs. The tray is made with four triangle like sections out of a plastic material. It is rather difficult to get into the corners when washing. The other problem noted is the short extension cord. Adding a good 10 to 12 inches would make for better placement on counter tops. The cord is only about 2 1/2 feet long. Overall, I give this product a very good rating. It cooks the eggs well and is just too cute!

Greenwell Springs, LA


Maverick Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

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