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Shampoo for All Hair Types
Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo

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Your hair will feel like silk


Once I tried this shampoo I don't think I'll ever go back to any other. It usually takes a couple of days for you to see a difference, but Matrix Sleek look gave me instant results. It's worth  paying a little extra for, and you can always look for where it's on sale like beauty supply stores.  I LOVE IT!!!


Philadelphia, PA


Nice Quality!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This shampoo makes my hair look real shiny and clean to the point were people look at me differently and sometimes ask if I have done something different lately, its better than my old ones by far. I really suggest using this!!


Snellville, GA


Great Shampoo!


I started using this product when my mom was introduced to it by her hair stylist.The quality of this shampoo is very good. A little goes a long way. Only a small amount of shampoo is needed for your hair to start foaming. It creates a great lather and leaves my hair feeling clean and smooth. The scent is also not too strong but it does linger right after a shower. This shampoo doesn't leave my hair feeling dry or frizzy as it usually does with others. Even though this product is a bit on the expensive side, it does last really long and you can save money in the long run by using less of the product. After changing to this brand, my hair has been feeling fuller and cleaner for longer periods of time. This is worth trying if you want to switch from drugstore brands to higher end which may or may not work for you. All in all this product has lived up to its great reviews and I hope you guys try it. 


Daly City, CA


Matrix sleek look smoothing shampoo gets rid of frizz


This is the best shampoo I have ever tried. For years I've had to battle with frizzy dry hair but this gets rid of it all and leaves my hair very clean and feeling smooth and shiny. My hair looks beautiful because of this product. And there isnt anything else like this. I would recconmend this prouduct to anybody who has hair like I did. And let me just go ahead and tell you this is worth the money.


Mooresboro, NC


A good Shampoo


While not my favorite this is a good professional grade shampoo to use. I used it for a few months and it kept my hair very nourished and hydrated. I didn't have to worry about dry hair because it was always super soft and straight. I also never had product build up on my hair which is often a problem, so that was a benefit to this shampoo. One of my least favorite characteristics of this shampoo is my hair would continually be oily. I have to wash my hair daily to keep it from looking oily and unwashed, which also made it hard to manage. I found this to be an undesirable trait in a shampoo that is considered professional and costs more than the average drug store brand.  Overall I believe this would be a good shampoo for someone who has overly frizzy hair or lives in a high humidity area since it helped keep my hair under control while visiting Florida in the summer. However, I believe there are better shampoos for my hair.   


Southgate, MI


I LOVE the Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo


I remember the first time I used the Matrix Sleek Shampoo, I wondered why I hadn't been introduced to it earlier. I have very thick and sometimes frizzy hair. When I started using Matrix I didn't have a problem with it at all. It smells amazing and does an incredible job cleaning and helping my hair to stay smooth and shiny. I would recommend this to anyone who asks. It works great for all hair types. It doesn't leave it greasy, and it leaves it feeling clean and smooth. You definitely get what you are paying for. It's a little pricey but definitely worth it. I would go out of my way to obtain this wonderful product, but it's not hard to get. YOu can find it in most grocery stores which is nice. You don't have to go to the salon to get your favorite hair product. I love the way it makes my hair feel and I wouldn't use anything else on it. This is an amazing product that everyone has to try at least once!


Damascus, MD


Matrix sleek look is my favorite!


Matrix sleek look shampoo is my "go to" shampoo. This product delivers results! I use this product along with Matrix sleek look conditioner. The scent is pleasant  and not at all overbearing. The best part is that your hair will be smooth and managable!


High Point, NC


Matrix Sleek Look Shampoo...what did I ever do without it?


I have naturally curly hair, which has a mind of it's own. Unfortunately, it usually has a tendency to go in opposite directions than I want it to. My hairdresser suggested I try the Matrix Sleek Look line about seven years ago so I could have the option of having straight hair when I want to. Initially I was skeptical, as over the years I have been recommended various brands of hair products. I've tried many, and they never seem to deliver what they promise. Well, Matrix Sleek Look Products have never let me down. I not only use the shampoo, but also the conditioner, deep conditioner, smoothing cream, and any other product I can find. Not only am I able to dry my hair to a beautiful, sleek finish, but the products contain ingredients which help block humidity. I live in Florida, and humidity is enemy number one for curly hair! On days when I don't have the time to blow dry my hair, this product is also wonderful for keeping my curly hair from frizzing. It keeps my hair smooth and shiny. I have used these products faithfully and will continue to. You won't regret trying Matrix Sleek Look!


Dunnellon, FL


Sleek Look is amazing!


I have been using Matrix's Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner for a while now, and I LOVE it! My hair is slightly wavy, so my hair dresser suggested I give this shampoo and conditioner a try. I am very glad that I did! I don't think I will ever want to use anything else! It makes my hair very soft and shiny. I get compliments all the time about how beautiful and shiny my hair looks. It leaves my hair smooth and silky all day long. I color my hair, and I think it works just as well for my colored hair as the shampoos that are created specificly for colored hair.This smoothing shampoo does just as it promises-it keeps my hair smooth. Even on humid and rainy days, my hair stays straight and smooth. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone who wants straight, sleek, silky hair! It definetly does the trick!


Albuquerque, NM


Love this shampoo!


Matrix Sleek Look shampoo does exactly what it says, sleek look! It works and I am very happy with the result. My hair is frisee and corse. And when I did my Japanese Straightening process, my hairstylist recommends Matrix line to me. Yes, it costs a lot more than regular shampoo, and to me it's worth the premium costs. When I use this shampoo, I can actually skip the conditioner because it already is so rich. It relaxes my hair a little, and soften it. So I can blow dry it quickly to straighten out my hair. It does wonders to it. Give it shine and softness. And I do not have to blowdry as long which is healthier to my hair anyways. The smell of it is tolerable (I generally do not like fake smell). The entire line is great, but I only really use the shampoo. the other product are a little too redundant once you use this shampoo. It costs more, but it delivers its promise. YOu should combine Matrix with Redkens and your hair will look fabulous.


New York, NY


Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing Shampoo

4.7 42