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Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Smoothing Shampoo

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Amazing smell


I absolutely love the smell of Biolage! After a couple uses my hair health overall looked so much better. This helps give life back to my locks. It also minimizes my frizzy hair. The only thing I had to get used to was it didnt lather in my hair like most assume a shampoo product does. But even with th as t I still love using it.


Newport TN


I would definitely purchase again!


Would recommend anyone to use it! Great products!


McCreary, KY


Great for frizzy and damaged hair


My hair have grown pretty long. And they were getting damaged day by day. I was also having split ends problem. Its been few days since I started using this shampoo and they have become comparatively very smooth. Earlier I was using hair dryer as well because I found my hair highly tangled without the hair dryer. But I know Too much heat is not good for your hair. Now with this shampoo, I no longer have to use hair dryer daily. I would highly recommend this product for frizzy hair.


Newark, CA




I love matrix products! They smell so good! They are great priced! You can buy them at many places or order them online! It's delightful to use and it makes my hair happy! I'm most satisfied with my smoothie smoothing shampoo! I'm telling you I highly recommend this product! It's very good and inexpensive! If you want the best for your hair then this is it right here!


London Ky




Last week I received my first-ever shampoo treatment, and my life was changed forever (or at least for the next six months). I know it's hyperbolic, but when you have hair like mine-brittle, frizzy, impossible to tame-and all of sudden it dries smooth, silky, and shiny in under ten minutes, it is, in fact, life changing. I'm still not sure why I waited so long to try the procedure myself. So to help any other frizzy-haired folks like me who may be considering getting a keratin treatment, here's what you can expect to experience at the salon from start to finish. First, a quick background on the particular treatment that I got: Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Smoothing Shampoo is a customizable treatment that is 100 percent formaldehyde-free and uses glyoxylic acid, keratin, and silk proteins to help manage various degrees of shape and frizz. Most shampoos treatments require that you wait many days before your hair become soft and easy to maintain it also your hair become more nourished especially when your hair is so dry THIS PRODUCT IS VERY HELPFUL IN SUMMER AND BEACH DAYS WHEN YOUR HAIR BECOMES DRYER AND BROKEN WITH THE HOT WHEATHER



Biolage Smooththerapie is good for damaging long hair


Biolage Smooththerapie shampoo is great for long hair. I grew my hair longer than usual and was badly damaged. Glad to had found it by chance at a great price. It repaired the damaged hair and turned out cleaner, softer and thicker. When I first started growing out a full beard for 2 months and after using different types of regular shampoo and soap that did a lot damage, itching was bad and made it dry and rough. After the first beard trimming, I tired out the Biolage Smooththerapie towards the beard every night for about a month and after that, it begin to look alot better, cleaner, more softer and thicker. After the second trimming, kept it an inch long and finally got a full beard to my standards. Reduced the itching quite a bit. No matter how the beard is shaped, or even a goatee. I spend a 1/2 hour combing my beautiful beard and mustache for it look nice and neat before heading out. Prior to using this shampoo, took alot longer to comb and never stayed in its place at all. It's best to wash the long hair in the morning and the beard at night for easier sleeping. This was an experiment on having long hair and a full beard for a while. I had used it when I kept the mustache for a while and it look clean, soft and thick. Before going out, I would take 15 minutes to comb my fabulous mustache so it can look exceptionally nice. I will use it again if I decide to grow a beard or mustache again. Biolage products are the best for any hair.




Biolage SmoothTherapie Smells great but doesn't work awesome.


To be honest when I purchased this shampoo I intended on purchasing the Biolage strengthening formula, and was somewhat disappointed when I realized I had gotten the smoothing formula instead. Thinking that it would function in a similar way to the strengthening formula, though, I decided to keep it and use it anyway. I think this was probably a mistake. While the shampoo still smells great like all the other Matrix products I have bought previously, the Smoothing formula didn't seem to clean my hair nearly as well as some of the others.  It was often still tangled when I got out of the showered and toweled off, when usually I can just run my fingers through my hair and everything straightens out.  I also have always felt like the bottles these come in release the shampoo much too quickly, making it so that I get more out than I would ever need.  In all it is an ok product, but I would definitely recommend a different formula if you want to go with Biolage.


Springville, UT


OMG - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This shampoo is probably the best I have ever tried. I first tried this shampoo when I was a staying at a friends house - I was traveling and did not take any shampoo and used hers - I was left speechless. It has amazing smoothing capabilities that I have not seen any other shampoo do. I have sturggled with coarse, dry, curly, and frizzy hair - this shampoo was like heaven sent. It made my hair so smooth that I just glided my fingers and comb through it. My hair normally feels nappy and dry but after using this its felt like soft scarf - and I didnt even use a conditioner - I could only imagine what would be the outcome if I used the conditioner too. I love the thick luxurious creamy lather (I didnt even need to put a lot because a decent amount was well worked over through all my hair). In addition to its remarkable softing capability, it has a great smell too. The first thing when I got back home was run to the store to by it - however at the first sight of the price I was discouraged and decided to think about it (I kind of tend to be thrifty when pushes come to shove) - but after doing this review and seeing other people's reviews and knowing first hand how good it is - its definitely well worth the price - quality is: you get what you pay for. Im planning on going back to the store to buy it (and the conditioner too).


Arden, NC


Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shampoo is the best shampoo I've tried!


Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shampoo works better than any other shampoo I've tried.  I have very fine hair (and a lot of it per square inch on my scalp!) plus my hair is rather long.  My hair has a tendency to get extremely tangled easily, and is usually hard to manage. Also it is very difficult to comb out after a shampoo.  I find that after using  Biolage Smoothing Shampoo, which I often team with the Matrix Biolage Smoothing Conditioner (although when I'm in a hurry, the shampoo alone does the job!), my hair is much easier to care for and it seems to stay that way longer between shampoos.  I'm not fighting the tangles.  And my hair has a smoother look to it.  It takes away the "split-end" look that comes from frequent brushing and blow-drying.  Plus it has a pleasant fragrance that stays with my hair long after I shampoo.  And it does not have the heavy greasy feel that some conditioning-type shampoos have.


Port Charlotte, FL


it's really great!


This biolage smoothing shampoo is the best there is. the reasons why are it soothes your hair, lifts up dirts and other debris, and also leaves your hair lite as a feather. everyday we wonder around outside or inside the house and our hair collects things in the air. we don't know what they are, but while using something like this shampoo. i can assure you that your hair will look better than any other day of your life and feel great. the shampoo and conditioner should last you for many many many months. so your actually getting your moneys worth. while your shampooing your hair with the biolage smoothing shampoo it soothes your hair when you are lathering it. you can feel the difference in other shampoo's from this one and you can feel the uxorious feeling in it. it smells so good as if your in the salon. it lifts up dirt and debris from your hair. it makes your whole head feel like it was lifted up from heaven. you can feel a big difference when using regular shampoo and using biolage.


Hickory, NC


Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Smoothing Shampoo

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