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Matrix Amplify Color XL Volumizing Shampoo

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Matrixs Amplify Color XL Volumizing Shampoo, LOVED IT!!


I started using Matrix Amplify Color XL Volumizing Shampoo after my stylist recommend it for my very thin, fine, colored hair. While this shampoo can be pricey I felt like it was on the lower end of price for a salon quality shampoo. This shampoo lathers well with just a small amount. It cleaned my hair well without stripping it out or drying it out on the ends. I felt like when it came time to style my hair it had more volume than when I used a basic shampoo. The smell of this shampoo is wonderful it reminds me of being in the salon when I get my hair done, it is a fresh and clean scent. When I used this shampoo I felt like my hair was clean and it did not knot up while shampooing. It rinsed easy and clean. If you have fine or thin hair this shampoo will work well for you even if it isn't colored. I did not have any issues with dry scalp or dry ends when I was using this shampoo. I also like the fact that I felt like I was getting salon quality clean for a lower price than other salon products.

Denham Springs, LA


This shampoo works just okay. I was not incredibly impressed.


I paid the extra money after a hair appointment and bought this product because I was on a hunt to find a shampoo that really preserved my color. As much as I want to say that my journey ended, I cannot say that. This shampoo did not really make a difference in how long my color lasted or stayed bright. Usually I start to really lose color after about four weeks and this shampoo is supposed to help keep my color bright and pretty. Unfortunately, this was not the case. My color still started to bleed at about the four week line and it faded after about six. I have not purchased this shampoo again and I do not think that I will. It is not a shampoo that I would recommend because it is so expensive and does not live up to the standard I would normally put forth for a shampoo I would purchase in a hair salon. Effectiveness This shampoo is not as effective as I would have liked it to be. It did not keep my color any longer than other color saving shampoos.



Matrix Amplify Color XL Volumizing Shampoo does the trick!


I color my hair and want to maintain my color for as long as possible.  I want my color to always look exactly the same all the way up through the day before a new coloring job, so nobody can detect that my color isn't 'natural'.  I also could use some extra volume in my hair, so Matrix Amplify Color XL Volumizing Shampoo has just the combination of attributes I need. I love this stuff, and it does exactly what I want.  My color never looks washed out, no matter how many times I shampoo, and its volumizing ability can be easily seen as soon as your hair is dry.  I also use their matching conditioner, and I like the way it rinses out easily and keeps my hair healthy and shiny. I believe Matrix is one of the best lines of shampoos, once only available in a salon, and though it costs a bit more than other products, in my opinion it's worth it, because it really does preserve my color and give me the extra volume I want.  I've used nothing else since starting with it years ago.

Portland, OR


Volumizer and Color Protection in One


I previously wrote a review on Matrix Amplify's normal shampoo, but I recently switched to the Matrix Amplify Color XL shampoo and I am pretty pleased with it.  I just recently highlighted my hair for the first time in a year or more, so I thought I should try to buy a color protectant.  In the past, I've had my hair color start to fade within a few weeks without a color protectant.  Because I really like the Matrix Amplify line, I was happy to find that they also make a color protectant.  I purchased my liter of Matrix Amplify Color XL from Beauty Brands, and I made a point to ask them if I could just buy the shampoo color protectant instead of also purchasing the conditioner color protectant.  They should it shouldn't be a problem, so I am currently using the Color XL shampoo but the normal Amplify conditioner.  The shampoo does wonders all by itself.  It has been almost two months since I had my hair highlighted, and my color still looks vibrant.  The shampoo has the same pleasant scent as the normal Amplify, and it also still leaves my hair silky and soft.  This product does what it says and more!

Colorado Springs, CO


It smells nice, it makes my hair feel so soft and beautiful!


Matrix amplify is a very interesting and innovative shampoo that smells great, feels great, and makes my hair feel silky smooth after blow-drying. My hair can stay at a great volume and body for a good amount of the day. The calming effect of this shampoo is beneficial and great for the budding busy person. It is a great way to just sit back, relax, and let the vitamin goodness of this Matrix shampoo take over your scalp and hair. Although it is a bit more expensive than the average shampoo for its size, it is nonetheless well-worth its value. This shampoo also helps with my split ends, keeping them at bay longer. It also makes my hair give out a healthy shine and look, making my hair strong and resilient to the tasks of daily life. The color of the actual shampoo is very natural looking and clear, giving me confidence in the quality of shampoo. I also have colored hair, which this shampoo does a great job with keeping the color intact for a longer period of time. I thoroughly enjoy my showers and always look forward to jumping into one with my Matrix Amplify shampoo.

Wrentham, MA


i love amplify, it's an awesome product


amplify xl volumnizing shampoo and conditioner is an excellent product. i have colored hair and i have been using this product which was suggested by my beautician for at least a year and i love it. it has a nice rich lather and the scent is very nice.  with the conditioner you only need a small amount because it goes a long way. it works very well with colored hair, i use it every other day because my hair is a little on the oily side if i wait longer. i would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable shampoo and conditioner. i also purchase these in 32 oz sizes it comes out cheaper.

Winter Haven, FL


Matrix Amplify Color XL Volumizing Shampoo

4.5 6