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Masterbuilt MDCL Propane

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A Decent Dual Burner Grill


I never really cared for camping; if it was a day or two trip I could tolerate it but going for a week or more was never an option. Some of that came from hating sleeping in a sleeping bag in tent as well as not being able to cook anything close to a proper meal. The MasterBuilt is a double face propane grill that is run off of one tank. You don't have to have both of the grill section hooked up or in use but if you want to cook more than one thing you won't have to rely on multiple cookers or the unpredictable temperatures of a campfire. This runs off of one standard sized propane tank; I highly recommend disconnecting the tank and storing it in a garage or basement for safety reasons. Some stores will have these already assembled and others will have them boxed; all you need is a screwdriver and a wrench to put this together and it only takes about five to ten minutes from start to finish. The MasterBuilt is well made but it has weight limitations and before you start cooking you need to walk back about fifteen feet from where you want to place the grill to make sure that it isn't on a slant or slope. When the grill is loaded up it could cause it to be too heavy on a side and result in tipping over.




Masterbuilt MDCL Propane

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