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Master Forge
Master Forge 3218LTN Gas Grill

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Master Forge 3218LTN Gas Grill Worth The Money


I rate this very good as it covers everything that is important to me. Ease of cooking, ease of cleaning, portability as this has wheels. I am impressed that this has the ability to offer flexiblility due to added accessories as well the ability to do even cooking. Would have to say this is the best gas grill I have ever purchased and would highly recommend it. Only downfall is that this is not a cheap unit but you definately get what you pay for. Performance The way this unit is built, food cooks evenly without flairups or burning. Meats stay nice and juicey not dry. This has exceeded my expectations reguarding even cooking. There are accessories you can purchase such a hot dog basket and rotisserie which I have purchased and these work well with this grill. Cleanup is easy as racks are not all one piece and can be easily removed for cleaning. This is really a very versitile unit and I am extremely happy to have purchased this. Versatility With the added accessories such as the hot dog basket and the rotisserie, this unit gives much variety as to its uses. Whether roasting a chicken or cooking a steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, this allows you to cook without limitations. Ease of Use This is extremely easy to use as this BBQ offers alternative accessories in addition to the standard grill. Design of the burners allow even cooking while the accessories ad versility to what you may want to cook. Almost could do without an indoor oven as this pretty much is easy to control the temperatures. Ease of Cleaning Heavy duty grills that are in sections not pieces makes this easy to remove, clean in the house and put back without any effort. Added that there is plenty of room in the bottom of the BBQ to allow lining it with foil for added ease in cleaning. Durability This is very durable as the grills themselves are not flimsy or lightweight. There is a small gap between each part of the grill whereas other grills have large spaces inbetween which would allow food to fall through. Not the case with this BBQ. BBQ is sturdy and in my opinon very well built. Design Very stylish in design though my only complaint would be the very bottom doesn't have thick enough metal and these BBQ have a tendency to dent around the wheel areas during shipping. Other than that I find the design very pleasing to the eye.

Redlands, CA


Master Forge 3218LTN Gas Grill

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