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Massey 9 in. High Velocity Fan

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Small Yet Powerful Fan


This fan has been through a lot, but it has been consistently reliable. There are three speed settings, but I find that the lowest one is sufficient enough. It is relatively quiet at the lowest setting, but can get a bit louder on the higher settings. I have had the fan right next to my bed before, but now it is a few feet away and it is still just as effective! Air Flow This little fan sure is powerful! For its size, there is massive airflow! Ease of Use Using this fan is really a no-brainer. Just turn the switch in the back to one of three settings to get low, medium, and high fan speeds. Then to change the direction of the air stream, the fan can be tilted up and down from its stand. Durability I have had this fan for almost four years and have used it almost every night since I purchased it. It needs a little boost to turn on now, but it is still running and is still effective! Design The design of this fan is very compact. This makes it incredibly easy to store!



Massey 9 in. High Velocity Fan

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