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Massey 9 Inch Box Fan

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works great in small spaces


The Massey 9" box fan is great for small spaces. My fan is black. And is works really good. My husband and I can use this fan for personal use if the other oe of ius is not as hot. I can set it on the kitchen counter or the bathroom floor. It has 3 speeds. And is not too noisey. This fan can be stored practically anywhere. SOmetimes I have to hit it in the back to get it going., Probably the blades need cleaning. And when I do that it gets really noisey for a momenyt. But overall I get my money';s worth from this small fan.

Roanoke, VA


Great box fan


The Massey 9-inch box fan really comes in handy in summer. I place this little fan on the window sill in my living room. It is an addition to the Galaxy stand fan that I place in the corner of the room across from the window. I only turn on the box fan under two conditions: 1.) It's too hot that I need an additional fan to keep the room cool, or 2.) it's a rather cool day but still needs air circulation yet not hot enough to employ the stand fan to do the job. The Massey box fan does a great job in bringing in air from the outside. It offers three levels of power adjustment though a level of one is already enough to bring in the breeze and keep me comfortable. Since it is small and light weight, it doesn't take much space and it certainly won't block out the whole window. I have tried once to use it to suck steamy air out of my room by placing it right side out (i.e. make it face out the window) and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked!

Endwell, NY


Massey 9 Inch Box Fan

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