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Massey 4-inch Fan

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Small Footprint, This Little Desk Fan Moves A Lot Of Air


Although we have a wide variety of fans in my house which keep most of it cool through the hot summer months, one of the places in the house that is always hot and stagnant is the corner where we keep our computer desk. Because there is very little room there, having a fan has not been a possibility until I discovered this little 4 inch wonder - the Massey 4-inch Fan. Air Flow I am truly surprised at how much of an air flow this fan has. I find that there is a beautiful strong breeze on me from the desk that cools me off perfectly, even in the hottest weather. For such a little fan, it really does move the air- but not so much that working at the desk is made difficult from blowing papers. Ease of Use When I sit at my computer desk, where they fan sits ready to run, all I do is hit the on/off switch and the fan starts blowing lots of air. The rubber feet on it keep the fan from vibrating or traveling on the desk. If I need the air re-directed, all I do is move the fan on the hinge, and it changes direction up or down. Durability I have only used this a year so far, but this has lasted me longer than two other fans that I bought which broke by the end of the summer. Design This little fan is all metal construction. The hinge pivot moves easily but not so much so that it changes while running. The on off switch is easy to use and the fan stays put nicely while being run on the desk. I love how small and compact that it is so it does not take up much desk space.

Podunk, NY


Nice Fan BUT...


i got one of these fan in 06 i think and it worked until the cord frayed and was looking like a fire danger. got a newone in 08 and have used it ever sence. well in 2010 it sterted to make a sound that sounded like the berrings where going out. mind you this was running 12\7 for 1.5 years. i have a vintage galaxy fan and the berrings on it are just like new.

Parker, CO


Massey 4-inch Fan

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