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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Simply Cotton Perfume

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Simply Cotton is a clean fresh scent


I received this perfume as a gift and nw I buy it all the time. Simply Cotton perfume by Mary Kay is a wonderfully light and fresh scent. It reminds me of a sweet smelling soap or a dryer sheet- in a good way! It is very light and perfect for people who don't usually like perfume. I wear it everywhere and it gives me just a hint of scent, which I love! There is also a body lotion that matches the scent so you can wear it that way too. The scent lasts all day but is so light that it never bothers you or anyone around you. It is affordable and many times you can get a gift with purchase when you buy Mary kay making it an even better deal! The bottle lasts for a few months too. This would make a nice gift for a friend or just a treat for yourself. I would recommend this to anyone who likes subtle perfumes. It is not very potent or strong so if you like to stand out with your scent this is not the one for you :)


Clayton, CA


Mary Kay Simply Cotton is a wonderfully light scent


I love the scent of Mary Kay Simply Cotton Eau de Toilette. I had a small sample and decided to buy the larger bottle. It is fresh and clean and shouldn't offend anyone. I have worn it a few different times and always received compliments. I do not particularly care for the size of the bottle. It's short and wide, making it a bit hard to hold while applying. But, it is not really so bothering as to make any difference. It costs more than I'm used to paying for fragrance, but it is also a much higher quality. I usually buy body sprays, not eau de toilettes. If you are able to sample this, make sure that it really smells good on your skin, not just in the bottle. I have found that it does not smell quite as good on me as it does in the bottle. It has to do with me, not the fragrance. Mary Kay has many different fragrances to choose from, but their toilette line is wonderful as they smell great and are more cost-effecient.


Cincinnati, OH


Mary Kay Simply Cotton Perfume

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